Spooktacular Saturday fun!

Saturdays in October always mean one thing in our house, Spooktacular Fun!

Last Saturday we went Trunk or Treating with friends from our playgroup.  For those who are not familiar with Trunk or Treating it is when a community establishment (church, business, school, etc.) comes together, parks their cars in the parking lot, pops open their trucks, decorates them, and then passes out candy as children walk up to their vehicles. There is often some incentive to decorate the best trunk too!


I have to be honest I do find it a little amusing that from the moment our children can walk we, as parents, preach stranger danger, exclaiming that they should never approach a stranger in a car and to never ever take candy from a stranger in a car. Then what do we do, go Trunk or Treating, haha. Perhaps I am sending mixed messages to our toddler?

After Trunk or Treating we headed home and made some Frankenslim! So much fun, you can read more about it here.


Later that evening we had family movie night and since it was a Spooktacular Saturday we watched Casper!


But the Spooktacular fun did not stop there, while watching the movie we all enjoyed brain cupcakes, yum!


We so enjoyed our Spooktacular Saturday!

Are you looking for something fun to do tomorrow that will make your family’s Saturday Spooktacular? Then check this out….




Boyd’s Retro Candy Store

Boyd’s Retro Candy Store

Our little man has a birthday party coming up and what’s a birthday party without candy? So we took a trip to Boyd’s Retro Candy store to pick out some candy for the party.  I also allowed each kiddo to select a few candies for themselves on account of good behavior while they were stuck at home for a week. As you walk into Boyd’s Retro Candy store you can’t help but be taken back to your own childhood, with all the retro candies. For lack of a better definition, you feel like a kid in a candy shop, lol! We had so much fun……



Boyd’s Retro Candy Store is a great place to visit with the kiddos when it is too hot outside, too cold, when you are looking for that unique candy treat, planning a party, or perhaps a nostalgic gift for a friend, etc. Boyd’s Retro Candy store also has online shopping, so fill your carts and feed your sweet tooth. Do you have a favorite candy from childhood?