Boyd’s Retro Candy Store

Boyd’s Retro Candy Store

Our little man has a birthday party coming up and what’s a birthday party without candy? So we took a trip to Boyd’s Retro Candy store to pick out some candy for the party.  I also allowed each kiddo to select a few candies for themselves on account of good behavior while they were stuck at home for a week. As you walk into Boyd’s Retro Candy store you can’t help but be taken back to your own childhood, with all the retro candies. For lack of a better definition, you feel like a kid in a candy shop, lol! We had so much fun……



Boyd’s Retro Candy Store is a great place to visit with the kiddos when it is too hot outside, too cold, when you are looking for that unique candy treat, planning a party, or perhaps a nostalgic gift for a friend, etc. Boyd’s Retro Candy store also has online shopping, so fill your carts and feed your sweet tooth. Do you have a favorite candy from childhood?


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