Conversations with the Kiddos

They are right; kids do say the darndest things. While just this morning I found myself laughing out loud at the kiddo’s breakfast table conversations. The topics today were urinals, zombies, and My Little Ponies. Ha-ha!  Our 6 year old totally grossed out the girls when he informed them what a urinal was…nothing like taking a bite of your Cheerios then hearing about how your brother pees on everyone else’s pee. Meanwhile our 3 year old was trying to convince our 6 year old that Zombies are so cute and sweet (I am pretty sure she has no idea what Zombies really are…and I am not correcting her). And our poor 8 year old just wanted to have, as she put it, a “normal” conversation. It was one of those mornings where I wish I would have charged the battery on the video camera…who needs Good Morning America when I have quality entertainment in my own kitchen. Ha-ha!

(I am all about finding the humor in the ordinary and keeping it real so I thought I would share a few pictures of a typical day around our house. Please note I have at least attempted to clean. The vacuum is visible. But more important things popped up, like a Ninja, a dancing purple and pink cat, and a princess…just a typical day)

 peaches 012

Here are a few additional comments my kiddos made this week that had me laughing out loud.

Background info: My hubby went to a conference over the weekend and was given a lanyard with his name and information on it. He sat it on the dining room table when he got home that night. When our son woke up he requested that he speak with me in private. So we walked into the next room and he said…

“Mom, I don’t want you to get too nervous. Dad is in the CIA. I found his badge”. LOL!


Background info: Our son was acting like he was on his death bed (turned out to be a man/boy cold…ha-ha!) So we went to the doctors. When we pulled up there were two Taxis waiting out front. Upon seeing them my son expressed….

“Wow, they came all the way from New York!!”

 I asked, “Why New York?”

“Because that is where all Taxi cabs come from”. LOL!


Background info: I was in the kitchen doing dishes and preparing dinner when my 3 year old came in with a piece of paper with ‘pretend’ writing on it. She looked at me with a very serious expression and declared…

“MOM, this contract doesn’t CUT IT!”

It was so random all I could do was LOL! To which she replied…

“BAD MOMMY!” and walked out of the room. No more Shark Tank for her, ha-ha!

peaches 010

So what have your kiddos said that had you laughing out loud? Does a typical day around your home resemble ours? Did you ever get around to vacuuming this week or did more important things pop up?