Make Your Own Bath Bombs at Buff City Soap

“Awesome”, “the coolest”, &, “surprisingly not too girly!”! So, what was supposed to be a “mommy & me” day with my youngest quickly became a sibling day once all three kiddos caught wind of what we had planned. And what exactly had we planned? To make bath bombs at Buff City Soap! The kiddos legit loved it! I was a bit shocked, even my tween boy had fun mixing up the bath bombs & his takeaway; it’s surprisingly not too girly! Yup, he had his reservations at first, but anything with the word “bomb” in it can’t be too girly, right?! Lol! Here’s how our awesome experience went down….



First, being the savvy momma I am I inquired about the cost? I’m all for experiences that result in fun and products that can be used, but, let’s be totally honest, bath bombs are a luxury.  So, each batch costs $30 and yields roughly 8-10 bath bombs, which was perfection; this meant each kiddo could make 3 bath bombs with one batch…FYI-$10 per kiddos for 3 bath bombs ends up being a great deal considering one bath bomb cost $7!! However, this meant that the kiddos had to compromise on a scent and color.  They circled around the store a couple of times smelling ALL the amazing scents and finally landed on Fruit Loopy, it literally smells like Fruit Loops, which was the perfect scent, it wasn’t too masculine or feminine, gendered neutral and very much a kid-friendly scent. Next up, the color of the bath bombs, they decided on blue, & then it was time to get down to business! Gloves on!




Our friendly bath bomb mixologist explained how to mix and pack the bath bombs.



Then, the piece-de-résistance! DECORATING the bath bombs!!









After they made their bath bombs, we looped around the store a couple times & we purchased some soap to take home and enjoy….they smell so good they should come with a warning, “don’t eat”, lol!



Why do I love Buff City Soap?  

They handcraft each bar of Buff City soap in what they call their Soap Makeries. Every product is made and sold in store, so you can see exactly what goes into the products you put on your body. It’s a bit of a mad lab stocked with ingredients like gardenia petals, lemon zest, hemp seed oil, shea butter, charcoal, and tea tree oil. Even their body scrubs are squeaky clean with natural exfoliates like chopped loofah bits, crushed walnut shells and poppy seeds. What you will never see are artificial detergents, surfactants, dyes, or other harsh chemicals. They even have their fragrances manufactured specifically to them to ensure they are free of phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde containing/forming ingredients. You can customize your products with the scent (or non-scent) of your choice and the ingredients that you prefer. The possibilities are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Share & tag friends today & meet up at Buff City Soap for an awesome hands-on experience that’s fun & legit ALL natural!!


Buff City Soap

Address: 7103 Orchard Centre Dr. Holland, OH 43528

Phone: (567) 742-7471


Hours: Open Sunday-Saturday 10AM-7PM (looking to make your own bath bombs? just drop-in, no appointment necessary)

Cost: Varies, click on website for details

Attention: Please let them know you heard about this awesome experience here, from Mom on the go in Holy Toledo, if you have never heard of it before, thank you…and happy bath bomb/soap making, loves! 😉