Make Your Own Bath Bombs at Buff City Soap in Toledo

“Awesome”, “the coolest”, &, “surprisingly not too girly!”! So, what was supposed to be a “mommy & me” day with my youngest quickly became a sibling day once all three kiddos caught wind of what we had planned. And what exactly had we planned? To make bath bombs at Buff City Soap! The kiddos legit loved it! I was a bit shocked, even my tween boy had fun mixing up the bath bombs & his takeaway; it’s surprisingly not too girly! Yup, he had his reservations at first, but anything with the word “bomb” in it can’t be too girly, right?! Lol! Here’s how our awesome experience went down….

This post was written and images were taken pre-Covid, in January 2019…currently due to Covid make your own bath bombs option is not available, hopefully they will be back on the menu soon.  

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