Domino’s Petting Farm and J & G’s Pizza

Saturday morning my hubby and I contemplated what we wanted to with our day and we decided upon Domino’s Petting Farm in Ann Arbor, MI.

I guess we still had the farm on our minds from our visit to Imagination Station.  Domino’s Petting Farm is only a 45 minute drive from Toledo so we cranked up the tunes hopped on the expressway and before we knew it we arrived. Once there we paid the entrance fee (adults are $7, children 2 and over are $5.50, and those younger than 2 are FREE…so we lucked out with our 23 month old and the cost includes a hayride) and were greeted by…..


Then we made our way around the farm saying “HI” to all the animals. Our 23 month old adored all the animals but one, this guy….

And I am sure you can see why.  He got a little too friendly and started licking the stroller which it turn resulted in our 23 month old bolting from that stroller faster than a fly being alerted to fresh poo (we saw a lot of that too, it was the first thing that popped into my head, lol!). But our eldest took a liking to him….


These little chicks stole my heart they were so stinkin adorable. But I had to be quick with the click of the camera because mama was very protective.

But who really captivated all 3 kiddos attention and myself was the peacock.  It was gorgeous….

Then we took a stroll down to see the cows that were eagerly waiting feeding time. As soon as the gate opened a chorus of moos processioned past us. It was hilarious and of course our 23 month old loved it…the first animal sound she learned was “Moo…moo…moo… goes the cow”.


Then it was time for a hayride around the farm….


Then we stopped by the building, Griffith Train Station, built to resemble an old train station with a train car on the site….

Last but certainly not least, pony rides!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to the farm….

My only regret was that I did not pack a picnic lunch or dinner for our family to enjoy. They had wonderful spots throughout the farm to sit out a blanket or a tablecloth on a picnic table to enjoy a picnic together…oh well, next time.

So instead we decided to surprise the kiddos with J & G’s Pizza located in downtown Sylvania. This was a treat because we usually just pick it up and eat at home but this time we dined at J & G’s. And the timing could not have been more perfect, it was around 4:30pm or so, (and no, we are not like 80 years-old, lol!) and that meant no waiting (maybe our elders have the right idea?).  The kiddos so enjoyed watching them make the dough from outside….


We had such a wonderful Saturday…I love family time and sharing the wonderful experiences our community and surrounding communities have to offer.

Have you ever been to Domino’s Petting Farm? Any suggestion for what we should do next Saturday?  What is a favorite family destination that your family enjoys in your community?