Lost & Found Friday

Have you ever found yourself lost in the everyday routine, responsibility, obligation, etc.? Dropping off children at school, after school activities, picking up kiddos, doing homework, mending emotional and physical boo-boos, giving all your patience and guidance to redirecting a toddler or preschooler to a more appropriate approach, uttering “use your words” for the umpteenth time, dealing with sibling quarrels, maintaining a household, meals, and more is precisely what I signed up for when I became a mom.  Those are my main, daily, priorities. I also feel that the behavior I model for my children is more impressionable than the words that come from my mouth. Thus, I feel that it is of utmost importance that my actions reflect the actions and attitude that I hope my children will one day adopt as their own. But I have to be honest mine have not.  Over the past few days I have had trouble finding that ever so popular complaint that we moms have, BALANCE!

It dawned on me yesterday, Friday. We had just said goodbye to our little toddler princesses and guests who attended our Mega Blok Party (so much fun, will be vloggin about it later) and we were tidying up when I received a phone call.  We had planned on Sponsoring Pizza & Movie Night with our Playgroup at a Local family shelter, The Beach House. We had everything in order, pizza, pop, brownies, cookies, etc. it was organized to a tee and then I received the call a couple of hours before we were supposed to pick up the pizza and head to the shelter, the voice on the other end simply expressed that we needed to cancel due to an issue at the shelter but we would still be on for the following month.

The first thing that entered my mind was that my kiddos are going to be so disappointed; they were looking forward to going down to The Beach House to serve. My second thought was crap, we already ordered all those pizzas…perhaps there is another charity/shelter we could sponsor dinner for? Never in my life did I think I would have to have a backup charity/shelter…I mean who doesn’t want free food? But I didn’t have long to think, I had moms I needed to notify and kiddo to pick up from school. Thankfully we were able to cancel the order…special thanks to Tammy and Marco’s Pizza (and Ashleigh’s hubby) for being so understanding and all the moms who signed up to volunteered their time and/or beverages/desserts.  Then it dawned on me, how often does a charity/shelter pass up food? Was I receiving a sign or message?  A sign/message to slow down…stop running from one activity to the next and filling your schedule to the max…even with good intentions…just, slow down. So I did just that…..


After picking up our eldest from school we headed to the park where I would leaf (totally intended), my worries behind. I totally cleared my mind of all the  nonsense…the rumors of this person thinking I don’t like them…me not living up to other mothers’ standards… (When truth is told, I am just running on empty, exhausted, I have spread myself thin) I have literally scheduled every minute of my days. Exhaustion had me contemplating every aspect of my life… where I once had confidence insecurities were surfacing. While trying to be the best everything I could be for everyone else I lost something very valuable, me!


Walking, sitting, playing, eating, and running in the park…not having to rush off to this activity or that obligation freed me.  The clean air, sunshine on my face, joy in my children’s voices, colors of Fall all Freed me from the shackles of routine, time, rumors, insecurities, and the nonsense that had clouded my confidence. Removing yourself from the online world, unplugging, and just being for a while allows you to have time with you….that is where I found something valuable that I have LOST…ME!

Last night I had the gals over from our Moms’ Timeout show to plan upcoming shows.  I felt so rejuvenated, more like me than I have in the past month, it is amazing what a little bit of time away from “the crazy” can do for your soul.


Have you ever lost yourself in the hustle and bustle of motherhood? How could you tell you were lost, was it a single incident or a collection of activities that clued you in? How did you find yourself again? Or perhaps you have already found balance, what do you do to maintain that balance? Do you have a certain ritual you do or hobby that helps you stay connected with you?

Domino’s Petting Farm and J & G’s Pizza

Saturday morning my hubby and I contemplated what we wanted to with our day and we decided upon Domino’s Petting Farm in Ann Arbor, MI.

I guess we still had the farm on our minds from our visit to Imagination Station.  Domino’s Petting Farm is only a 45 minute drive from Toledo so we cranked up the tunes hopped on the expressway and before we knew it we arrived. Once there we paid the entrance fee (adults are $7, children 2 and over are $5.50, and those younger than 2 are FREE…so we lucked out with our 23 month old and the cost includes a hayride) and were greeted by…..


Then we made our way around the farm saying “HI” to all the animals. Our 23 month old adored all the animals but one, this guy….

And I am sure you can see why.  He got a little too friendly and started licking the stroller which it turn resulted in our 23 month old bolting from that stroller faster than a fly being alerted to fresh poo (we saw a lot of that too, it was the first thing that popped into my head, lol!). But our eldest took a liking to him….


These little chicks stole my heart they were so stinkin adorable. But I had to be quick with the click of the camera because mama was very protective.

But who really captivated all 3 kiddos attention and myself was the peacock.  It was gorgeous….

Then we took a stroll down to see the cows that were eagerly waiting feeding time. As soon as the gate opened a chorus of moos processioned past us. It was hilarious and of course our 23 month old loved it…the first animal sound she learned was “Moo…moo…moo… goes the cow”.


Then it was time for a hayride around the farm….


Then we stopped by the building, Griffith Train Station, built to resemble an old train station with a train car on the site….

Last but certainly not least, pony rides!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to the farm….

My only regret was that I did not pack a picnic lunch or dinner for our family to enjoy. They had wonderful spots throughout the farm to sit out a blanket or a tablecloth on a picnic table to enjoy a picnic together…oh well, next time.

So instead we decided to surprise the kiddos with J & G’s Pizza located in downtown Sylvania. This was a treat because we usually just pick it up and eat at home but this time we dined at J & G’s. And the timing could not have been more perfect, it was around 4:30pm or so, (and no, we are not like 80 years-old, lol!) and that meant no waiting (maybe our elders have the right idea?).  The kiddos so enjoyed watching them make the dough from outside….


We had such a wonderful Saturday…I love family time and sharing the wonderful experiences our community and surrounding communities have to offer.

Have you ever been to Domino’s Petting Farm? Any suggestion for what we should do next Saturday?  What is a favorite family destination that your family enjoys in your community?