Book Club: What should we read next? Need suggestions Please!

Our book club is at that emotional sector of our current book; where the anxiety peaks just before the end of a book…do you know the feeling?  The feeling of waiting hours before you read the last sentence of the book because you don’t want it to be over? Then, after finally reading that last sentence you experience such a low that you need to go searching for that next book…that next great book….the one that will build up the anticipation within you….that will give you that natural high again.  Okay, yes, I realize that sounds like an individual who might have a problem…. I suppose my drug of choice is reading, lol!


We have officially completed, or at least most of us, Bloom, by Kelle Hampton.  I blogged about the book earlier, here is the link for those who are interested,

And I am happy to say that we had the opportunity to meet Kelle in person and get our books signed. It was a book club first! I must say she is not only a great writer but also, possibly a fashion icon. Here we are taking our mini road trip to get our books signed….

Waiting in line to get our books signed…….

Here we are…guess which one is Kelle, lol!


We have read a nice variety of books, from fiction, non-fiction, self-help, etc. Here is a quick list of the books we have read in the past……

This book was amazing. It really pin-pointed the main issue parents tend to experience when disciplining their children, maintaining their own composure.  2 year olds are supposed to have temper tantrums, not 32 year olds. I would give this book 5 stars ***** 


This book was okay.  She had a lot of valuable points to be made and ones that I agree with however the manner in which she portrayed the information was a little condescending and even hypocritical at times.  I would give this book 3 stars ***

This book was funny and allowed moms to know that they are not alone when it comes to motherhood. However after reading a few chapters I felt like it became a little redundant. I would give this book 3 stars ***

This book was amazing….I would highly recommend this book! It was difficult to put down. We had a movie night after we finished reading the book and the movie pales in comparison. You need to read the book! Hands down, 5 stars *****

This was also a good book and a really fast read.  We have not had a movie night but it is in the works.  I would give it 4 stars ****

You can read my thought in the link above…



So, we are open to any and all suggestions. What is a great book you just couldn’t put down?

Staying Sane in Fort Wayne

Moms have you ever had one of those days where you wish you could just run away from home and check into a hotel, or better yet, a Marriott Suite? Just to get away for a few hours, to do whatever your heart desires and not be responsible for one gosh darn individual, activity, group, chore, etc.?  I fulfilled that dream this past week and I thought it only fair to share with you, other hard-working parents who also deserve to run away from home every once in a while.

My husband was in his college roommate’s wedding which was held in Fort Wayne Indiana.  So we made arrangements with my parents to watch the children over the weekend and we headed for Fort Wayne. Once there my hubby had to tend to his groomsmen responsibilities, you know, get his suit, change, take pictures, etc. So that meant that little old me would have to be all alone for 4 hours.  Oh dear, what to do? HELLO, live out my ultimate mommy moment!

So I dropped off my hubby and headed to TownPlace Suites-Marriott where I proceeded to check in, all by myself.  I walked the luggage in, all by myself, not having to hold anyone’s hand.  I slowly and effortless got on the elevator, all by myself. Our eldest is not a fan of the elevators so I usually take the stairs with her or I calmly walk her through the elevator ride. But not on that luxurious day, I stepped on that elevator like I owned it.  I walked into the room, all by myself, and let out the hugest sigh ever.  I had arrived; it was finally my moment, the mommy moment of all mommy moments, I was all by myself!!  No dog to let outside, cat to feed, nose to wipe, shoes to tie, argument to put at bay, food to prepare, laundry to fold, butt to wipe, spilt milk to clean, etc. it was just me.  IT WAS JUST ME!!

What to do????

So I did what any mom would do when they find themselves in this situation: I jumped on the bed, I turned on all the lights, I flipped through every channel on television, I paid homage to the ever so popular self-portraits in the bathroom while dancing and singing, I jumped on the bed again, read my book, ate some salty snacks (thanks for the Chex Mix Lilly), gave props to the interior design who designed the suite (except for one small detail that I did not quit agree with, ever wondered what you look like while taking a crap? Well now you know thanks to the full-sized mirror located across from the toilet), made some coffee, watched the Client List (scandalous, seriously), and….I know I did something else… oh, yeah, and then I attended a wedding.

Living the dream…..WOOHOO!

That’s right….I am dancing with a shower curtain because I can. Jealous?


Ever wondered what you looked like while taking a crap? Good news, just check into the TownPlace Suites-Marriott and wonder no more.

Thanks for helping this mama relax, let loose, and ultimately, even though it may not be apparent based upon these pictures, maintain her sanity Fort Wayne Indiana.

This post is dedicated to the one I love.  Don’t we clean up nice? And congratulations to Adam and Brooke we wish you many happy years together!

So how was your weekend? Have a dream mommy time moment to share?