Most Productive Things To Do on a Snow Day

Ever since you were a child, you have dreamed about the day when you’re able to stay home, which is why everyone is gleeful when there’s a snow day. Many folks take the free day to catch up on some sleep or enjoy some flicks. However, you can use this unscheduled off-day to complete the most productive things to do on a snow day.

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How I Survived the Umpteenth Snow Day

The kiddos had yet another snow day today! That means that with Monday being Martin Luther King Day, Tuesday a Teachers Work Day, and Wednesday a delay start day, the children have gone to school for a grand total of 10 hours this week. That paired with the fact that today was the 24th of January and as of today they have only attended 7 days of school has me longing for Spring.  Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my children. But the activities we do on these frigid snow days have to be indoors; it is just way too cold for them to play outdoors and the wind-chill only exasperates the situation. So what’s a mom to do?

How I survived the Umpteenth Snow Day

Started it off by saying a little prayer….

Prayed for patience. A LOT OF PATIENCE

No Mother Left behind….

No mother should have to survive a snow day alone. Haha! Called a friend and made plans to do something (it wasn’t a level 3 so it was legal for us to be on the road) we normally wouldn’t do, something indoors of course. Like visit the local cupcake shop. Cake in a Cup Baby!! Mmmm…

maddyheart_cupcake_b4 037


maddyheart_cupcake_b4 031

Surprised my mom…

Why not drop in for a visit and bring a few friends?  Nothing like a surprise visit!! My mom is the best. We did just that, we totally surprised her by stopping by. She is a school counselor and her district had a snow day too. So, on her snow day, when she didn’t have to see the 500+ kids in her school building she received a surprise visits from 2 mommas and 5 kiddos. Did I mention my mom is the best!?!

maddyheart_cupcake_b4 028

Know thy limits…..

Initially my 3 year old and I were excited to attend a birthday gathering at Chuck E Cheese for lunch. Well, once school was cancelled I knew that I would be pushing my limits with my already fleeting patience at Chuck E Cheese. Let’s just say I am almost certain that my crazy would have officially shown had we gone to Chuck E Cheese. I can do one 3 year old at Chuck E Cheese by myself. I cannot do 3 kiddos in 3 different directions asking me a magnitude of questions while other kids climb on things, scream, and big animals perform catchy, yet annoying, songs in the background.

Never underestimate the power of Costco…

I don’t know what it is, maybe the samples, the anticipation of what‘s around the next isle, or maybe it is just being bestowed the privilege of holding onto the receipt as you exit in hopes of receiving a smiley face? But Costco is an exciting trip for the kids.  My kids love it! And today was no exception. They discussed who would hold the card on the way in, rushed to each sample, begged for all the sugary processed crap, visited the restroom twice, and we even managed to buy a few items to get us by these next couple of weeks (Yes, we got the bread and the milk. Haha!) So all-in-all it was a very successful trip!

Costco continued…side note…

I have to be honest, since we started shopping at Costco I have a hard time going out to eat. In fact in the last month I have been out to 3 different restaurants and ordered the salads. I was disappointed in the quality, quantity, and price of each one of them. Why go out when I can make 5 of these fabulous salads for only $9.99 (the price of one salad at a restaurant)?

maddyheart_cupcake_b4 054

Just Dance….

Looking for a great indoor activity that will have kiddos burning off some of that bottled up energy? Want the kiddos to sleep great at night? Looking for something fun to do on a Friday night? Just Dance!

justdance 021

After dinner we had a blast taking turns with the newest version of Just Dance! This version is much better than the last. The variety of songs is superb and the kiddos get a kick out of the different characters…including those from the popular Disney movie Aladdin. Which just so happened to be our 3 year olds pick every time. Haha!

justdance 017

justdance 007

Yes, even Momma got in on the action…the dog clearly thinks I am nuts. lol!

justdance 027

After dancing for a couple hours the kiddos were tired and asked to go to bed. Score! Haha!
All in all it was a good day. We filled it nicely. I think the key to survival is having a variety of activities, keeping in touch with family and friends, and Just dancing!

Were you stuck at home today? How do you survive snow days? Please share…I could use some ideas, looks like we might have one or two more in the near future.