Traveling: Where to stay?

Okay so my hubby and I have been contemplating a summer vacation but like most families our budget is tight. So the task of determining where to allocate the limited funds can be tricky.  I usually break the budget into four areas; room, food, travel, and entertainment/amusement. I always like to begin with where we will be staying. Since we do have three young kiddos it is not much of a vacation for mommy and daddy when we are all stuck in a one room hotel.  So, I would prefer to stay in a place that has two bedrooms and bath.  And it would be a dream come true if we could stay in an apartment like accommodation or even a house, but again, that is expensive.  I had even contemplated a bed and breakfasts but the cost is a factor, or is it? 

I came across this awesome site that lists homes and apartments that you can stay in when vacationing, it is like a modern-day bed and breakfast. Check it out…

There are some amazing places to stay and at such reasonable prices.




So where do you want to go on vacation? Think you would consider using