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How to mini-Vacation on a Shoestring Budget: We did it in Dayton

Last week was our daughter’s spring break and we were all itching to get out of TOLEDO!! Since a long family vacation wasn’t in our budget we instead did a mini-vacation and you can too!! Here is how….. 1. Location: Plan your trip around family and/or friends.  You know that friend of yours that moved a few years […]

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Imagination Station is a Spring Break Destination: Opening Day of Smash Your Food!!

Since our son is on Spring break from preschool this week we asked him to list a few fun spots to visit and on the top of that list was Imagination Station.  I have to admit I was pretty excited he chose Imagination Station. Not only do I enjoy reading and participating in the various […]

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Traveling: Where to stay?

Okay so my hubby and I have been contemplating a summer vacation but like most families our budget is tight. So the task of determining where to allocate the limited funds can be tricky.  I usually break the budget into four areas; room, food, travel, and entertainment/amusement. I always like to begin with where we […]

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