Tuesday’s Treasures: Christmas Cards Past and Present

Christmas pictures, just hearing the words make me cringe.  B.C. (Before Children), I would always admire the Christmas cards we would get in the mail of our family and friends’ adorable children.  Even once, or twice, I caught myself daydreaming about my future children’s Christmas pictures and how adorable and perfect they would appear. I would take them to some fancy photography studio and get extraordinary pictures, with them in a sleigh, or on a horse, or something grandiose.

Fast-forward to A.D. (After the delusions) and I realize that those fancy photography studios are extremely expensive.  So much so that it almost boils down to a Christmas photograph of the children, or Christmas with gifts under the tree.  No surprise, my husband and I decided the children would find more joy in the gifts than a picture of themselves.  So, we decided that with our savvy, my savvy skills, we would save the money and take the Christmas Photographs ourselves.

Well the first year was a breeze.  All we had was our little one month old to photo and she was still in that new-born phase where they sleep all day.  She was the perfect little model.

Following year she is one and refuses to sit still for one minute.  Thus, every picture I took was a blur since she kept moving.  So, I went where no mommy like to admit to going, bribery. I told her if she sits still she will get some crackers and it worked, all-be-it for a minute, but it worked. And in that minute I just kept clicking that button as fast as it would let me.  Out of 50 takes 1 was solid.

The next year we added to our brood.  We had a two-year old and a six month old.  The baby was perfect but again, the two-year old did not want to sit still.  Thus more bribery, that year was M & M.

The next year was more of the same, except the bribery kept increase. What was once just a couple of crackers had turned into cupcakes.

The following year a trip to Chuck E. Cheese was promised for the cute little smile ( how can we top that? A trip to Disney? That is one expensive photo).

But no more. No more will mommy be clearing her entire day in hopes of bribing her way to a semi-decent Christmas photo. The bribery stops this year (almost, I did bring some fruit chew snacks to reward good behavior after the pictures were taken).

This year Shuttery sponsored a Family Picture Day for our Playgroup.  We had one of our talented moms photograph everyone’s families.  We met at the Art Museum around 10am and by 6pm that evening our family’s Christmas card was ordered.  Thanks to
the help of our skilled photographer the pictures were exceptional.  The process was so easy; our photographer mom added a professional’s touches to the photos and then uploaded them to shutterfly.  Once they were uploaded she notified us, we looked through the amazing collections of photos she took, selected our favorite, perused the variety of Christmas card options Shutterfly offers, made our selection, and ordered our cards, and it was that easy.  We also saved a bundle.  The competitors’ usually only allow customers to enter one promotional code but shutterfly accepted all the codes.  We save 40% on the cards, got free shipping, and since Shutterfly sponsored the event each family received a $10 off coupon. This was a breeze compared to the past five years of whining, screaming crying (and that’s just me), and bribing.

This is the start of a beautiful family tradition.  Thanks you Allie and Shutterfly for making Christmas photos stress free.

I am off to get started on my photography books through shutterfly, they make great Christmas presents for family and friends. http://www.shutterfly.com/store/index.jsp

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