Moms’ Timeout: Launches in 2 days! (vlog)

I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Each of us moms have been carefully researching and putting together our best segments in order to provide a show full of substance that will help you on your journey through motherhood.

Our topic of discussion for our first show is Time Management & Planning. I am curious, where do you feel you could use better time management in your day? Is it in the morning? Do you fall prey to morning mayhem?  Or maybe it is around dinner time? Do you feel like there simply isn’t enough time in the day for “me” time? Please share your thoughts…

On a more personal note, I am praying that the first show goes smoothly on Monday but if it doesn’t it will be nice to know that I have my amazing friends sitting next to me, our family and followers supporting us, and our senses of humor. When all else fails sometimes you just have to laugh, so if there are glitches please feel free to laugh along. Let’s not take life to seriously, let’s have some fun!

Be sure to tune in, simply click on the widget, or image, in the right-hand column Monday evening at 7pm ET.

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