Bathtub Fingerpaint

I have come to realize that every minute of every day has the potential for a learning opportunity. When in the car the kiddos enjoy spelling and sounding out words on signs and our toddler enjoys yelling out the colors on traffic signs/lights and alerting me of any trucks or busses.  Though this can be a little annoying at times I do find joy in the cheers coming from the back seat when they realize they have successfully identified, spelt, or sounded out a word. A trip to the grocery store is another opportunity to learn.  The children like to help pick out the produce which means they locate, identify, and help count the requested amount, and of course, our toddler once again identifies the colors. She is obsessed!  Cooking with mommy, doing laundry, playing games, doing yard work, etc. are all great opportunities for learning experiences, so why not the bathtub?

The other day we made fun paint for the bathtub!

Recipe for Bathtub Finger Paint:


  • 1 cup Soap, I prefer the body wash the children normal use since they will be bathing in it.
  • 2 Tablespoons cornstarch
  • 5-6 drops food coloring, varies, depending on the saturation of color you are going for
  • 1 Jar, I prefer to have one with a lid so we can use it for the entire week

(Yields one color or one jar of paint)



Place all ingredients in the jar. Put lid on jar tightly and shake over sink (just in case).

Repeat for as many colors as you would like or do as we did and simply make the primary colors then have the kiddos mix the secondary on their own.

The kiddos had so much fun with the paint! Our first Grader taught our toddler how to mix the primary colors together in order to make the secondary and she thought it was magic, haha! I then took it a step further and taught our daughters about complementary colors.


We then did a few math equations, had some fun with spelling, and I enjoyed seeing the amazing masterpieces the kiddos created.


It was so much fun! It is amazing how much fun learning can be when you don’t make it a chore but rather integrate it into daily activities in life, use various mediums, and have a positive disposition.

Have you ever used paints during your kiddos bath time? Did your kiddos enjoy them? Do you have fun games you play with your kiddos in the car? What about the grocery store? Where is a favorite place, besides school, that you children learn a lot?

9 thoughts on “Bathtub Fingerpaint

  • you so remind me of me when my angel was little enough to bathe. Now that he’s 31, that just wouldn’t be right! We did all those enriching things, and our walks to school were the perfect time to practice spelling and doing math in his head. I’ve got lots of suggestions like this that I believe are essential to nurturing but I’ve found some NOT stay at home moms just make fun of me. That’s why I like to read your blog even tho I’m not the mom of a little one anymore. you are a super mom. Good job! (and since mine ended up being a Yale professor and a sweet loving boy/man, I do have the right to speak!)

    • Yes, I would say you did a superb job as a mom; a professor at Yale is nothing to laugh at. I am so sorry to read about your experience with working moms. It is a shame they could not see how enriching simple walks can be and other everyday occurrences. Unfortunately there are SAHM and working mothers that simply do not see eye to eye and hopefully one day we can just accept one another for who we are and maybe even learn from one another. I would be very much interested in your suggestions, when you have the time.
      With regard to the Super Mom comment, thank you! And, it takes a Super Mom to notice a Super Mom (I think that made sense).

      • I appreciate your thoughts very much. As much as I’m proud of the “Dr.” title, he is such a nice person I’m proud of him for that, too. It’s nice to know that at least a few of the things I tried to teach him actually stuck!

    • Shanan,
      Angry Birds, I love it! I think that is so cool that she gets to pick out something from the produce section. But there are some pretty random fruits and veggies out there, good luck. Purple Cabbage, excellent choice, lol! BTW, I am totally going to give the Honey Blueberry 9 grain cereal a try and the Pumpkin Alfredo. The recipes on your blog are amazing; I often get into a food rut and find myself cooking the same meals every two weeks. Your recipes are the variety my meal menu desires. I look forward to more recipes!

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