I Have Finally Found THE ONE!

Adios Shutterfly, see ya later Snapfish, there is officially a new photo book creator in our lives, AdoramaPix! And let me tell you they have me doing just that, adoring my pics!!! The quality is amazing! The binding is like none other, the paper is so smooth, I can’t stop petting it (I know it’s weird, but it is so soft!), and the images are superior to any other company I have tried…and I have tried a lot! What can I say I get around when it comes to shopping photo books!? But I am happy to say that I have finally found “the one”! It should be noted that the process of finding “the one” was not taken lightly; I had a rigorous list of must haves that needed to be met before a commitment could be made. What was on my list?

1. EASY- User-friendly is a must! Everything about my experience needed to be easy. I am so sick of complicated formatting! Once I had to alter an entire book halfway through because I couldn’t change a format on one page! Grrr!! That experience with a past photo book company actually lead me to swear words…..it was a very dark moment in my life. One thankfully I did not experience with AdoramaPix.

PHOTOBOOKdr.maddy_maddy_container 008


PHOTOBOOKdr.maddy_maddy_container 009


PHOTOBOOKdr.maddy_maddy_container 014


PHOTOBOOKdr.maddy_maddy_container 016

AdoramaPix formatting is so simple my preschooler could do it. And the variety of themes, layouts, backgrounds, etc. was incomparable. They even offer round formatting options, so cool! They think outside the box, literally! I love it!

2. CHEAP- Economical pricing points! The only thing I can’t stand more than wasting my time with irritating, frustrating, formatting issues is wasting my money! With some of those photo book companies you practically have to take out a loan to cover the cost. Not with AdoramaPix, their products are priced accordingly and there aren’t any weird add-on costs at the end.

3. PROFESSIONAL- The end result left me speechless!

PHOTOBOOKtea_photobook 062


PHOTOBOOKtea_photobook 068


PHOTOBOOKtea_photobook 069


PHOTOBOOKtea_photobook 072


PHOTOBOOKtea_photobook 074

The quality of the photo book is like none other, the colors are so rich & vibrant color. I simply adore the fact that the thick, durable, professional grade photo paper resists fading & ensures that my photos will be just as colorful for future generations. I also like the fact that the binding lays-flat, so even my panoramic images are splash across two pages without any separation.

So, the next time you need to create a photo book do yourself a favor, get the best, go with “the one” and save yourself time, money,& your sanity and go to AdoramaPix.

Added bonus… I am totally sharing this sweet promo with y’all!! 25% off their square photo books (6×6,8×8,10×10,12×12). Use code: pxusfam25 ends 09/30/2015 11:59 pm EST

Anyone else out there obsessed with photo books? What kind of books do you favor…Birthday, Seasonal, Vacation, Christmas, etc. ?



2 thoughts on “I Have Finally Found THE ONE!

    • I hear ya….it used to take so long to organize, format, etc. I simply never had the time but with AdoramaPix I simply retrieved all my images from Facebook and put them into the book…it was so simple that I actually thought I did something wrong at first. lol! I am now working on finally getting my youngest a baby photo book…only took 5 years. lol! Happy Photo book making! 😉

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