This Special Day Originated in OHIO! See How I Celebrate It

Legend has it that Sweetest Day was established around 1922 by Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio, candy company employee who wanted to bring happiness to the lives of those who often were forgotten. Kingston and others distributed candy and small gifts to orphans, people confined to their homes and others to show them that someone cared.

In time, the Sweetest Day idea of spreading cheer broadened to include everyone from family members to sweethearts and coworkers to acquaintances.

Observance of Sweetest Day is still most prevalent in the Great Lakes region where the holiday originated, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. But today, the once-regional celebration of Sweetest Day has spread throughout the country. Source

In honor of Sweetest Day I decided to do something extra special for a very special person in my life. This person always wakes up in the morning and rushes over to give me a great big hug. This person is one of the most cheerful people I know and so kind hearted. This person has also been experiencing some real growing pains. They haven’t been allowed to do what everyone else can do, like have sleepovers, ride their bike to the park with their friends, see some of the big kids movies, play some of the big kid games, etc. Often this person gets stuck with mom while all the big kids have all the fun. If you haven’t guessed, my very special person is my youngest.

Being the youngest is tough, you have to wait forever to be able to do the things the big kids can do and then once you can finally do them the big kids are no longer doing them or have simply lost interest. I was the oldest and could never really relate to the youngest woes. I assumed they had it easy. I was wrong. As I watched her gazing out the window at the kids riding their bikes around the block I could see the longing in her eyes. Sure I always offer to take her myself but it just isn’t the same. Since she is stuck being the youngest and often feels forgotten by all the big kids I decided that in honor of Sweetest Day I would surprise her with something extra special, something to make being the youngest kinda cool, kinda awesome, and most certainly sweet!



One of her favorite books that we have been reading together since she was 2 years old is, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear. Brief synopsis, the Little Mouse will do anything & everything he can to save his big red ripe strawberry from the big, hungry bear; he hides it and disguises it. And then (spoiler alert) he decides the only way to save it from the bear is to share it with the reader. So he gets a knife and cuts it in two to share.


SHariBerriesRibbet collage

I went through with my plan. We read the book together and then at the end of the story I had a special treat for my sweetheart. I expressed to her that I too like the mouse have some red ripe delicious strawberries that I do not want the big hungry bear to eat. But these are not any ordinary strawberries, these are extra special! And like clockwork guess what showed up at our door? Shari’s Berries !!! Oh the expression on her face was priceless!!


And then we dove in, eyes first. We both admired how beautiful the strawberries were and agreed that all strawberries should come with chocolate, it just makes sense. Haha!

Shari'sBerries_SOTMMax 021


It just felt so right, youngest and oldest sharing such a special moment over delicious chocolate covered strawberries in honor of one of the sweetest holidays that just so happened to originate in our favorite state, Ohio. That moment was pure bliss! The initial crunch of the chocolate coating, the sweet juice of the strawberry, the marriage of texture and taste, it was a mouthwatering symphony for the taste buds. And the best part was sharing it with one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world, my little strawberry princess.

Turns out being the youngest isn’t so bad after all, it can have some perks.

Happy Sweetest Day!

If you are looking for something sweet for your sweetheart I do recommend checking out all the amazing options Shari’s Berries offers, they have a nice selection that can satisfy every sweet tooth and budget.


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