Frogtown Exotics a B-day Party Game Changer!

Balloons, cake, streamers, snakes, lizards…..are you ready for a b-day party game changer?

It’s time to take the b-day experience to the next level, forget Pin the Tail on the Donkey, gather around and watch the b-day boy feed the 2nd biggest species of frog in the world a 3” hissing cockroach!

We’ve officially booked Frogtown Exotics for my son’s b-day party and we can’t wait!!



Frogtown Exotics

Phone: 419-350-7453



Cost: Varies, get quote via phone/email

What is Frogtown Exotics? The owner, Jake, who has had a lifelong passion for herpetology shares his passion via educational fun, hands-on, and memorable experience for the kiddos by bringing an upwards of over a dozen different live reptiles & amphibians for kiddos to get up-close and personal. Sweet, right!?!



I’m so excited! We have booked Frogtown Exotics for my son’s b-day party! I can’t wait to share our experience with you all….stay tuned!







FYI- Frogtown Exotics travels to parties, schools, daycares, libraries, churches, summer camps, scout groups, or any special event with their animals to educate all the guests with amazing facts of each critter and have an opportunity to pet/hold most of these animals.

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