Mom on the go in Holy Toledo Book Club

Books have an amazing way of transporting us, pushing us beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones, & helping us to view life from another individual’s perspective. Add a few dozen women reading the same book, and suddenly the same words, sentences, & paragraphs, can be interrupted in various ways based upon each woman’s personal experience, knowledge, etc. Together we can learn, grow, & bond over books!! And this is why we are starting a Book Club….and ya know I needed something more exciting to look forward to on Friday nights other than folding laundry, lol! But wait, it get’s better…we don’t even have to leave the comforts of our homes! This Book Club will meet online in a Facebook Group (link at the bottom of the page). AHHHH! I’m so excited!! Ya’ll can’t hear me but I’m doing my best Oprah impression right now….and you get a Book Club invite, and you, and you!!!


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 Our First Book for Book Club will be, Fireweed.



Fireweed is a beautiful pinkish-purple flower that takes root in the ashes after the devastation of a forest fire. If it weren’t for the ashes, there would be no exquisite, fuchsia beauty. Likewise, if it weren’t for my unplanned pregnancy at sixteen and the placement of my child for adoption, my very own Fireweed would not have taken root. In order to flourish I had to suffer the flames. This is the memoir of my fire and ash and this is God’s story of redemption and beauty.

Why Fireweed?

1-the author, Jennifer Mae, is local

2-a portion of the proceeds go to a great cause, Fireweed Retreats

3-if you’re gonna dive in, dive into the deep end! Get real, raw, & emotional from the get-go!


When will Book Club Start?

Book Club will start in January, this gives everyone ample amount of time to purchase the book and/or ask for it for Christmas…and invite all their family/friends to join in!

Book Club will take place in a Facebook Group with questions corresponding to each chapter being posted for discussions, live conversations, etc. The FB Group platform allows for everyone to post their feedback when it is most convenient for them…toddler’s naptime, after work, bedtime, etc.

What are you waiting for?


Purchase Book

Click on link & then click on the “shop NOW” to purchase book,

Click on the link below to join Mom on the go in Holy Toledo’s Book Club Facebook Group

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