Are you ready for SUMMER 2020?

My only sliver of hope these past few months has been SUMMER! Summer, when we travel, spend days on end at the pool, visit Splash Pads, Waterparks, and get lost in new towns/cities, & tours!  I figured we’d never go back to school, but I didn’t imagine we’d have no 4th of July Fireworks display, no city pools, splash pads, or summer concerts. This is BRUTAL!!!  After I received the news I cried, had a glass of wine, & then I got down to business!!

Here’s the deal, us mamas have been BRINGING it & fulfilling the roles of teachers, specials teachers, overseers of extracurricular activities, coaches, playmates, etc. since March and we are SPENT!!!!  BUT WE MUST PERSEVERE! I’ve got FAITH in you, mama! You CAN do this! You were born to do HARD things.  YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW! ( I don’t know if anyone else needed that pep talk but I sure as heck did!)

We MUST Prepare! If we’ve learned anything from the TP & Clorox shortage it’s you can never plan too early! And planning can be as easy as, 1, 2, 3!

1- Take Inventory 

Take inventory of all the summer/outdoor items you already started collecting and those you already have around your house, garage, etc.





2- Put together a List

Put together a list of  items that you don’t have and items you need to replenish or replace soon. (You can never have too much sidewalk chalk or bubbles, and it’s always a great idea to have a backup Slip N Slide) Not certain what you need?  Feel free to use the list I put together, place it on your fridge, and the next time you are ordering/shopping items from the grocery store, dollar store, or big box store, see if you can cross off a few items from the list. That way by the end of May you’ll have everything you need to help make this Summer fun for the kiddos without breaking the bank! 😉



Out of sight, out of mind! The key is to store away the items as they enter the home. I have a bin labeled, “SUMMER 2020” strictly dedicated to fun thing to do this summer. And the rule is, mom is the only one allowed to get items out of the bin. This way I can make certain this kiddos don’t go through the entire bin on the first day of summer.



We are ALL in the same boat. It totally sucks. But we MUST make the most of this, SUMMER 2020 for our kiddos. Share this post, tag friends, & REMEMBER, YOU’VE GOT THIS, MAMAS!

So, are you ready for summer 2020? Do you have a system in place for summertime products? What items are on your list?




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