Tip for Sharing a Bathroom with Tweens & Teens

Is entering your tub/shower a great balancing act, trying effortlessly not to set off the domino effect of toiletries tossed haphazardly in all the corners, nooks and crannies? Have you ever accidentally grabbed the wrong body wash amidst all the chaos? Nothing worse than your husband going to work smelling like strawberry shortcake or you reeking of  Axe body wash! The insanity ends today! 

If you’ve got a tween, pre-teen, or teenager in the house then you know 3 toiletry items in a shower is on the conservative end. They’ve got their face wash, shower gels, body washes, foaming gels to shave, shampoo, conditioner, body exfoliators, razors, and lets not forget about after the shower there’s the hair gel, moisturizer, body lotions, etc. It got so bad at our house that we couldn’t even close the shower door anymore. I finally said NO MORE!! And we adopted what I like to call the “dorm-living” method, lol! 

Every child now has their own bathroom caddy to place all their million and one toiletries. They grab their caddy from the linen closet  in the morning, go into the bathroom (we’re still working on the shower schedule…gotta have that done before they are back in in-peron days at school), then they wipe off said toiletries, place them back in the caddy, and put their caddy back in the linen closet. 

I’m not one one to toot my own horn, but, I had the kids adopt this routine while the hubs was traveling, when he got back it was such a transformation he asked, “Are we moving?”, lol! 

We’ve been using this method for the past two month and it has been amazing!! Highly recommend this for those families with lots of kiddos, a smaller home, or the combination of the two, works like a charm! 

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