2021 Lunchbox Ideas

Is it lunchtime yet? Whether your kiddos are starting off the second half of this school year in-person, virtually, remotely, or being homeschooled there’s one question they’re all asking, is it lunchtime yet?  And who can blame them, don’t we all kinda look forward to lunchtime, the meal that helps breakup the monotony of the day? While packing children’s lunchboxes (or should I say assisting children in packing their own lunchboxes ;)) isn’t exactly rocket science, it’s always nice to have some inspiration. So, here are a few outside the “typical lunchbox” ideas.  Your time is valuable, so this post has been kept brief with just images and short explanation of each lunch. If you do have any questions please feel free to post in comments.

FYI- The meal prep containers I use are Bento Boxes by Enther Meal Prep Containers. I like them because they are reusable, BPA free, dishwasher, freezer, & microwave safe. I purchased 20 last year and still have 3 left. These are the more durable ones, I know friends have purchased others that crack right away. Mind you, if kids stand on them they will break…my son learned the hard way 3 times (eye roll)! Click here to be linked to Bento Boxes



Nutella banana “sushi” with cantaloupe and raw asparagus




Hummus, tabbouleh, and chick pea salad wrap with strawberries and protein balls (image includes afterschool snack of apples, pineapple, and cucumber & red pepper sticks)


Pancakes, mixed berries, and Annie’s Bunny graham crackers


English Muffin pizza with blueberries and strawberries & cucumber and carrot sticks


Nut-butter and banana wrap with roasted potato slices & strawberries





Hummus tabbouleh, cucumber sandwich with carrots and cherries


Cheese Tortellini with garlic bread & Salad


Baked beans, apple slices with peanut butter, and carrots


Quesadillas with hummus and peppers and cucumber sticks (middle image)


Smashed banana with almond butter sandwich and Terra chips & strawberries and grapes


Sushi (Splurge once a month for a fun Special Day Lunch…for a b-day, big test day, etc.)


English Muffin pizza with strawberries and banana slices & cucumber and red pepper sticks


Pancakes, cantaloupe, & raw asparagus and cucumber slices


Cinnamon raisin toast, roasted sweet potatoes sticks with cinnamon, and apple slices (peanut butter on the side in a separate Rubbermaid container)


Mexican pizzas (refried beans, lettuce, salsa, cilantro, cheese, and lime)


Brown rice, black beans, and salsa wrap with strawberries & Annie’s Bunny graham crackers


Brown rice, black beans, salsa, mini pepper scoops, & cherries


Toasted English Muffin banana slices and grapes & salad (dressing on side in small Rubbermaid container)


Mason Jar Salad (for the tweens & teens)

If you’ve been inspired be sure to share this post & post it to your FB page so you can view it next week when you can’t figure out what to make for lunch, lol! 😉

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