9 Ways the Pandemic Will Change Travel

To say that the coronavirus changed the world would be an understatement. One of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic is the travel industry. A recent article from Travel Pulse estimated that the travel industry lost over $750 billion in 2020.

With coronavirus numbers starting a steady decline, many people are ready to start traveling again. However, travelers need to learn about current and upcoming changes that might affect how they travel.

Here are nine ways the pandemic will change travel for the foreseeable future.

1. More flexibility in booking and canceling

Both people and companies are facing lots of struggles during such an unprecedented time. Because of this, more companies are going to be flexible with bookings and cancellations.

In the unfortunate event you have to cancel a trip, don’t expect to go through as many hoops to cancel your travel plans.

2. Local travel will increase

Whether it’s because of lower overall costs or uncertainty about being in another country, local travel is also becoming more popular. One of the main drivers for an uptick in local travel is because people want to support small businesses and communities in the wake of a pandemic.

This focus on local travel is great for smaller companies. It also lets travelers explore local attractions they missed out on in the past. To ensure you’re traveling safely, consider visiting DmbSupply to stock up on masks and respirators.

3. Travel insurance will become vital


Another trend you’ll see during these times is that travel insurance will rise in popularity. People want to know they’re traveling safely during such a strange time. Because of this, many travel insurers are reworking their plans to include coronavirus protection.

One travel company, Seven Corners, offered insurance that covered COVID-19-related cancellations. Soon, this COVID-19 protection plan accounted for 80% of its sales.

4. Health/vaccination certificates may become mandatory

To help combat the spread of coronavirus, medical facilities throughout the world are administering vaccinations. Soon, many travel providers might require travelers to provide proof they’re vaccinated or in otherwise good health. After all, it’s easy for someone to claim they’re COVID-free.

A recent story from Reuters reported that the World Health Organization might start a widespread use of e-vaccination certificates to help ensure everyone travels safely. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one in the comments.

5. Tourist hotspots will reduce in favor of exploring less popular places

Before 2020, most people wanted to travel to the most popular tourist hotspots. Now, these same individuals who are gearing up to travel are looking for less popular destinations. This change is due to understandable fears of people not wanting to be a part of large crowds everywhere they go.

6. Private travel and stays will become popular

As the world continues recovering from this global pandemic, many companies are operating at reduced capacities. Travelers are also adopting this trend, choosing to privately travel with smaller groups.

With private travel becoming more popular, it also allows tour companies to keep groups small in size. This trend might also see the rise of consumers traveling by private jet to reach their destinations.

Before you get your private travel group together, make sure to read these tips on how to safely host a group gathering in the age of COVID.

7. Sustainability will come into focus

It’s also imperative for people to focus on the few good things that came from this global pandemic. One glimmer of hope is that people are focusing on sustainability instead of getting the best travel rates.

Many experts assume that it won’t be long before companies enact new sustainability initiatives to win over customers. Expect hotels, airlines, and other travel-related companies to kick-off new sustainability plans soon.

8. Private advisors will get a fillip

If you’re a private investor, you’ve likely made some major recent changes to your portfolio. Since the start of this pandemic, companies around the world continue making big changes. With the vaccination race that took place recently, many investors saw their health sector stocks rise to new heights.

As the world continues changing amid a pandemic, those who know how to invest can expect major gains.

9. Road trips will gain mileage

You’ve learned about how the types of popular travel destinations might change. Another change will be on how people travel instead of where they end up. Considering that, certain people might prefer to take a road trip where they’re exposed to far fewer people. Plus, road trips don’t require spending time in an airport that’s packed with other travelers.

During a pandemic, most people are wary of spending time in a crowded airplane with strangers. This is reflected by the nearly $3.5 billion in losses reported by the airline industry in 2020.

As the world continues its movement back to normalcy, many people are ready to start traveling again. Whether you’re traveling to a nearby city or across the world, please follow these tips to help you travel safely.

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