The Importance of Securing Condo Insurance, like for REAL!!

Do you have a loved one making a huge lifetime move, starting a new chapter? Perhaps parents who have finally decided to sell your childhood home and downsize to a condo? Or perhaps a sibling who has made the big move into a condo and out of your parent’s house? While there are so many amazing benefits to living in a condo and having a condo association did you know that your loved one is still liable for certain things? Obviously, it is better to have Condo Insurance in case of any incident, such as a fire, theft, water leaks or any damage, in those areas that are common. Without a policy, and seeing the dire consequences that these events may entail, it is likely that condo owners will be forced to pay for the related expenses, which can be very expensive, especially if personal damage occurs.

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Selfies with a Sloth: Sloth Encounter at Indian Creek Zoo

We literally just had the coolest experience of the entire year!! THE ENTIRE YEAR! We all know this past year has been tough on everyone, but especially the kids. With most kids going back and forth between hybrid and remote learning and having all their class trips and field trips canceled for the foreseeable future has left little, if any, anticipatory excitement in their lives. Gone are the days when children would rush home with their permission slips begging mom and/or dad to hurry up and sign it, chaperon, and then literally countdown the days until the field trip.  Hands-on learning experiences are definitely a thing of the past for kids, or are they? Sure maybe schools can no longer provide such opportunities for students, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t facilitate an epic hands-on learning experience for their children.  But where would parents even begin? Let’s start with animal encounters. 

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Sweet Shalom Tea Room is OPEN in Toledo!

Pink floral china patterns adorn with gold trim, frilly tablecloths, doilies, pocket pies, shortbreads, & truffles, a light hum of classical music, gorgeous ladies draped in beautiful flowing sundresses relaxing, sans smartphones. That is the fantasy image that often comes to mind when one thinks of a tea party & Sweet Shalom Tea Room makes that a reality.

Ribbet collage_tea

Whether you are looking for a way to spend the afternoon with your Valentine (perfect mother/daughter or son date), are in dire need of a Mom’s Day Out with friends, or are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom (May’s Menu is Up), Sweet Shalom Tea Room is where  ladies can linger a bit longer while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere, being waited on, and the comfort of warm tea and uplifting conversations.   

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There’s a shortage of cardboard boxes?

It’s a fort, rocket ship, robot costume…cardboard boxes are where childhood imaginations live! When that doorbell rings children are just as eager to get their hands on the packaging as parents are to retrieve the contents within. So, of all the things that have run into short supply in 2020 and now the new year, few expected that cardboard boxes and corrugated materials would be on the list with toilet paper, cleaning chemicals, and survival food kits. However, because cardboard has been the unsung hero of the shipping world for decades, it too has become a critical resource in the booming online ordering world augmented by everyone staying at home and growing remote service delivery exponentially.

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What’s the Perfect Anniversary Gift For Your Parents?

Thinking Of The Perfect Anniversary Gift For Your Parents: 5 Reasons Why A Personalized Photo Book Must Be Your Choice

The anniversary of your parents’ wedding day is a special occasion that is worth celebrating in a lavish style. This important date represents the strong love bond and commitment between the two people who are responsible for your birth. 

To show your parents how much you love and cherish them, and how grateful and thankful you are for everything that they have done for you throughout your life, you’ll no doubt want to ensure that you give them the most perfect anniversary gift.

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