Summer Break Schedule, Chores, & Rewards for Kids

BRING IT Summer 2021! The kids were in school full time for a total of a month, thus, this definitely isn’t my first rodeo! If the last school year of mostly remote learning has taught me anything it’s that we need schedules, routine, daily conversations/check-ins, and more recently in-person interactions with family and friends if we are to push beyond anxieties & nurture our mental health. 

So I took some time to work on our summer schedule since we’re introducing yet another new routine to our day, a new schedule to follow for summer otherwise we would legit waste it away sleeping & on screens. But I also knew the pendulum could swing in the opposite direction and suddenly I’d be the “Camp Director, Counselor, & Activities Coordinator” running a full on mini Summer Camp with 12 different activities in one day!  I finally landed somewhere in the middle, with a summer schedule that’s a loose one, open to a bit of flexibility, and I made certain we have at least one fun activity planned a day, (but nothing too overwhelming for mom)

Without further ado, here is our Summer 2021 Schedule……. (note that where it indicates, Days of the Week Activities 2021 kiddos will then reference that worksheet. Depending on which day it is….we will either make something (Mondays), go on a trail (Tuesdays), play outdoors with water (Wednesdays, weather permitting), have a thoughtful/kindness activity (Thursdays), or just have some good old fashioned fun (Fridays)!

I also decided to alter our “normal” chores and add a bit of fun with Chores & Rewards for Summer 2021! So basically each child will pull a “title” (419, Sunblock, or, Bug Spray) from a hat each week. They will then complete their chores for each day and if each chore is completed without being asked they will then receive their rewards.

How are you approaching summer 2021, welcome the chaos, prefer organized chaos, strict schedule?

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