Giving Your Home Business The Branding Boost It Needs

Managing your career goals as a busy parent can be challenging, especially if you’re looking to strike it on your own and run a business at home. Aside from the unique challenges of running a business from home, be it alone or with remote workers, there is also the branding stigma that smaller businesses and those run at home are in any way less professional or competent. Here are ways you can get that idea out of your audience’s head.

Image – CC0 License

Out on a professional front

The levels of financial investment in smaller businesses do tend to be somewhat lower than in general. You might not have a huge marketing budget to make a big splash through advertisements and the like. As such, you should make sure that your budget does go towards presenting your business in the most professional and attractive light as possible. Work with professional website design teams to help create a look that is unique, interesting, and modern. You can find plenty of freelancers looking for work in designing logos and other branded imagery that are less expensive than the big design teams out there as well, so look to some of the freelancing boards you can find online.

Use the pufferfish effect

Your business might be a very small fish in whatever size of a pond that you’re in. Indeed, the reality is that businesses run from the home are small. Even if that’s true, it doesn’t mean you should be lumped with the stigma that small businesses often are. To that end, there are a lot of ways to puff yourself up and make yourself look like a bigger and more established business than you are, without having to lie about it. One is to make sure that you use a professional address, not a home address, with the help of a virtual mailing address on the web. You can also use support tools like chatbots to make it look like you have a bigger support team on hand. Even when you do talk to clients, don’t frame yourself as the owner or the CEO of your business, but rather in the role that is directly helping them.

Let the results speak for themselves

No matter how great your branding, it’s going to fall over like a paper tiger if you don’t have the results to speak up for it. To that end, aside from focusing on great results for your customers and clients, you should make use of the good reception that you get. Encourage your customers to leave testimonials and consider using things like referral programs to encourage them to get their friends and family on board with your business as well. Positive social proof shows others that your business is one worth supporting.

You know that you’re able to run a business effectively, and you don’t need your would-be customers to have any doubts about that. Make sure you’re presenting the brand that you need to convince the world of what you already know: that you can do this.

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