Father’s Day Gift Dad will Love & it Doesn’t Cost a Dime

Money a little tight? Has dad reached his tie and coffee mug limit? Looking for something entirely original that dad is sure to love and treasure for a lifetime this Father’s Day? Why not make him a video? A short film, skit, or like we did, a music video. Nothing says “I love you”, you’re appreciated, and extra special than giving your quality time.  Worried it won’t be good enough? You won’t after you see ours, lol!  I mean, dads love unconditionally so he’ll understand that it’s the thought that counts. 

The year was 2013, my husband had just had elective surgery and was recovering at his parents’ house for a couple days. Meanwhile I maintained the household and life with our dog, cat, 3, 5, & 7 year old. Thus, I naturally saw this as the perfect opportunity to rearrange all our furniture, get dressed up, and record a father’s day video. Was I crazy? I might have been, lol! But I suppose we do crazy things for the ones we love. 

Huge shoutout to my amazing sister who joined us in our crazy endeavor, she was our camera woman. Thank you Cami for your help and joining me along this and many of life’s adventures…and cheers to many more!! 😉 


What did you get the dad/dad figure in your life this year?

The kiddos selected a song that was pretty popular in our house. So without further ado, here is the premiere of the Rockin’ Out for Daddy (7yr old decided on the title).

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