Best Houseplants for Beginners and How to Care For Them

We all want our homes to feel safe, warm, and cozy—a place where we can party, relax, and live all the small moments of our lives. That is why home décor is such a fun way to liven up your space and bring your unique taste out of your imagination and into reality. One of the best ways to decorate and cheer up your home is with vibrant and verdant plants. Here are a few of the best houseplants for beginners and how to care for them. 

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Simply Succulents 

The infamous succulent may sound like a boring place to start, but these simple plants are the perfect entry point into the plant world for beginners. Succulents are a general category of plant, not a specific species—there are dozens of varieties to explore, from cacti to aloe plants. Most succulents come in shades of green, but there are a few flowering ones you should try. 

Caring for succulents is easy. They require a good bit of sunlight, so place them in sunny areas in your home. Because most of them come from arid places, they have mechanisms to retain water for long periods. You should sparingly water them about once a month; overwatering will kill a succulent. 

The best test for knowing when to water any plant is the finger test. Place the tip of your finger about an inch or two into the top layer of dirt. If you feel moisture, the plant is still absorbing the older water; if the soil is dry and crumbly, it is time to water. 

The Spider Plant 

Don’t let the name fool you—the Spider Plant is green and friendly! Its moniker comes from the long, spindly leaves that extend in shallow arches from the soil. These plants are easy to take care of and encourage to grow. The spear-like green and white leaves absorb water readily and are adaptable. 

This plant thrives in most home environments and does not require direct sunlight. You should maintain a moist soil surface with these plants but always double-check your watering schedule with the finger test. 

The Snake Plant 

We will never know why the fun, easy houseplants all have spooky names, but you can bet the snake plant is a beautiful addition to your home. With tall, vertically growing leaves, this sturdy plant is the perfect addition to round out your beginner’s plant collection. 

The snake plant does not need a sunbathed spot or well-watered base to support life. However, indoor plant fertilizer could help you grow the plant into a towering spire of dark green leaves that quickly transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen in your home. 

Keep this selection of the best houseplants for beginners and how to care for them in the back of your mind as you plan your home décor. With a bit of light and water, you can add a whole new vibe to your home space. 

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