Exciting Outdoor Activities Kids Can Do With Dogs

Sometimes, the kids and the pooch are inseparable, and this bond is nothing short of adorable. But, no matter how close they are, they may be hoping to become even closer with their furry friend. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting outdoor activities kids can do with dogs!

Ideas for Being Active

Encourage your kid and pup to burn off some energy outside! If your child is too young, accompany them and the pooch on a walk around the block. And on a free weekend, plan fun for the whole family with a hike! You could check out local forest preserves and decide on what looks best. But before you go, know the rules and whether the park allows dogs.

Going on an adventure is healthy for your children and your pet because it gives them the chance to explore. For kids, that means new textures and sights as they get out in nature. And for your furry baby, hikes and walks mean new smells!

Ways To Get Wet

Summer is hot, and everyone has preferred ways of staying cool. In summer, knowing how to keep your dog cool is vital in preventing overheating and heatstroke. Why not keep both the kids and dog comfortable together? Swimming is an exciting outdoor activity that kids can do with dogs! Help make this possible by:

  • Planning a trip to the lake or beach
  • Setting up a kiddie pool
  • Taking out the sprinkler

Plan water activities for your child and your dog that are easy. If a day trip to the beach or lake isn’t possible in the foreseeable future, you can set up a kiddie pool for them to splash around within. Either way, they’ll have a blast!

Games To Play

Allow your child to get creative and think of a game they and the dog can play. This could be anything from hide-and-seek to fetch. They could also run through an obstacle course together. You and your child could look through the garage for ideas and then build an obstacle course.

Your child can create different challenges and race against the dog. An obstacle or agility course is especially great for dogs that require regular exercise to stay healthy. Not only will the two of them get a great night’s sleep after burning off all that energy, but they’ll also grow even closer!

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