How Changing Your Air Filter Can Save You Money

The air filter in your home’s HVAC system serves to lower the amount of dust and dirt that circulates throughout your home. Unfortunately, when these contaminants clog your air filter, your HVAC system cannot work as efficiently as it should. That’s why you need to change your air filter regularly. Here’s how changing your air filter can save you money.

Lowers Your Electric Bills

If dust and dirt are clogging your air filter, then your HVAC system must work much harder to keep the indoor temperature the same. When your HVAC system overworks itself, it uses more energy than necessary, thus increasing your electric bill. By changing your air filter on a consistent schedule, you can save a decent amount of money on electricity each month. 

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Prevents Your HVAC System from Needing Costly Repairs

One of the most dangerous aspects of dirt accumulation on your air filter is that it could cause your entire HVAC system to blow out due to overworking itself. You’ll need to pay hefty sums for replacement parts if this occurs—and it can also start a fire. 

Changing your air filter takes very little time and doesn’t require excessive upfront costs. It’s a simple solution that can prevent a costly emergency down the road.

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Provides Healthy, Fresh Air

Some indirect costs that come with dirty air filters are medical bills. Allowing dust, pet dander, and germs to circulate through the vents of your home can get you sick and deteriorate your lung health. Dirty filters are especially harmful to people with allergies. Also, if an HVAC emergency occurs that requires your immediate attention, the burning coils and blowers could result in an injury. Therefore, by changing the air filter, you can prevent a medical condition from arising. 

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You’ll do anything to make your family happy, so why would you let them breathe low-quality air? A healthy home is a happy one, and clean air filters ensure you can have a breath of fresh air from any location in your home. So now that you know how changing your air filter can save you money, start saving today! 

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