Signs You Should Replace Your Child’s Backpack

School can already be demanding for children of all ages, so it’s important that parents pay attention to their kid’s other school-related needs. One of these is a child’s backpack, which you must maintain properly for several reasons. First, their health depends on it. In addition, a good backpack is essential for carrying all their school supplies daily without issue. If it has seen better days, these are some signs you should replace your child’s backpack. 

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Their Health Comes First

Considering all the books, school supplies, and other personal belongings it must carry, your child’s backpack takes a lot of heat daily. Backpacks are generally made to last a long time, and most of the time, they do. But over time, the age of a backpack can take a toll on the health of the wearer. If your child mentions any pain from their backpack, this could be a safety concern for your child. Sometimes pain doesn’t necessarily factor in—if your child mentions general numbness and tingling, consider moving on to a better product. If the backpack causes chaffing or rubbing, that is also a solid reason to replace the bag. These things might sound menial now, but as time goes on, they could become serious issues for your child. 

Wear and Tear

Because kids usually spend no less than eight hours a day at school, that means their bags are there with them and tend to get pretty roughed up. It’s not surprising that they degrade over time, but it is the parent’s responsibility to stay on top of the state of their child’s backpack. Check the padding to ensure that it hasn’t lost its firmness. Then check the straps to make sure they are still properly attached and fit your child correctly. And if the buckles refuse to work, then you know for sure that something is wrong. 

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Zipper Issues

One of the most important things to be aware of is the zippers and whether they work. Of all the problems that backpacks have, broken zippers are among the most common. Having a functional zipper ensures the privacy and accessibility of your child’s things. It also gives them the security of knowing that they’ve got everything they need and that nothing has slipped out. So, without a zipper, a backpack would be severely lacking. Some companies have warranties on their bags and will replace the zippers for free, or a seamstress could put a new one in. Otherwise, replacing the backpack would be your best option. 

Before you send your child off to school, ask them how they are doing and consider their well-being. If their backpacks look tattered and torn, then chances are they need an upgrade—this will happen from time to time. What is most important is that you look for the signs it’s time to replace your child’s backpack so that they don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a worn-out bag, and you don’t have to worry. 

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