5 Household Items You Can Recycle To Get Cash Back

When you are looking into tidying up your home, you might want to think about recycling some of those items instead of tossing them in the trash. These are five household items you can recycle to get cash back.


Technology is constantly evolving, making some of your electronic devices obsolete. Instead of shoving your old iPad Nano in a box, it’s better to recycle electronic waste that serves you no purpose. Recycling centers and waste depots are two resources to use if any of your items contain valuable materials like copper, gold, platinum, or aluminum. The best-case scenario is that you earn a few bucks while getting rid of some unnecessary clutter, which is valuable in itself because you should never donate old electronics.  

Photo by Karol D on Pexels.com

Ink Cartridges

Along with batteries (which are also recyclable, by the way), ink cartridges feel like one of the most unreasonably priced items to buy today. If you own a printer and use it frequently, the costs add up over the year. Therefore, recycling your ink cartridges helps pad your wallet and help the environment at the same time, considering over 95 percent of ink cartridge materials are recyclable. Your best action plan is to go to office supply stores to get some of your money back.


It’s not uncommon to find half-used bottles of lotion and moisturizer laying around your home that you haven’t gotten around to throwing out yet. A good reason to gather all those materials to recycle is all the goodies that makeup retailers offer. Although you won’t get cashback, per se, some stores will provide you with free items, coupons, or reward points if you utilize their recycling programs. 

Photo by solod_sha on Pexels.com


Pieces of jewelry that contain elements like gold and silver can bring back a pretty penny. Stores that want to buy your gold are an excellent resource for getting a return on rings and necklaces that you have but never really wear. If you don’t know the value of what you have on hand, it may be wise to get an appraisal beforehand to know how many karats each piece contains so that you don’t get ripped off.


When you are in the market for a new grill, explore what you will do with the old one. Many scrap dealers will buy grills to gather scrap metal and aluminum. While it’s nice to get some money for your old grill, the main benefit is ridding yourself of the thing responsibly.

As you can see, recycling can have some financial rewards in addition to the ecological ones. While those are the five household items you can recycle to get cash back, many household items collecting dust may provide additional value. It’s a win-win situation, considering you’ll no longer have that clutter in your house, and you’ll get a nice financial boost.

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