How to Set Boundaries and Limits So You Can Have a Relaxing Christmas

It is no secret that women tend to do the heavy lifting at Christmas. Making sure that everybody is fed, clean, and enjoying their gifts. Everything from decorations and parties to cooking and gift-giving can feel more like hard work.

However, there are plenty of ways for you to be more relaxed, and some of that involves letting go a little bit.


While that might sound like a very business term, instead of setting incredibly high goals, set the purpose of having a peaceful Christmas. It’s proven that when we set goals, we are more likely to reach those things that we wish to do. So if you have set your goal to have a peaceful Christmas, all you need to do now is plan how to make that happen and stick to your list. 

Christmas chaos is a thing, but instead of you getting stressed out and worrying that people don’t have enough presents, or perhaps your cooking wasn’t quite good enough, focus on peace.


After you have been to 24 Christmas school plays, fairs, bake-offs, teacher-parent meetings, workdays, zoom Christmas meetings, and more, it can feel like you are Christmassed out. This is why you must be set limits so that you manage to reduce the overwhelm. 

While you most likely want to go to everything that your kids do, the chances are you don’t have to go to everything that’s happening at work. Or vice versa.

Set limits on the number of gifts that you’re going to buy for each person, or set a limit on the amount of money you will spend per person. After all, gift-giving should be about the thought, not the cost of the gift.

Set a time limit on the length of time that you will attend any of the Christmas parties. Especially if they eat into any time that you would usually be relaxing or doing your own thing.

Don’t be pressured by social media. So set a limit on the amount of social media ideas that you want to be part of. Elf on the shelf is a very common option, and they are a pressure to make sure that it happens each and every day. You do not need to build a gingerbread house and put on a whole show for an elf in the shelf photo.

Make it fun 

For yourself. If you want to wear a funny Christmas shirt, a Christmas hat, and Christmas earrings, then do so. Christmas involves a lot of chores. Cooking, cleaning, making sure people are invited to Christmas dinners, planning for Christmas Eve snacks. 

Do the things that make you happy and to bring you joy.

And finally set aside 5 to 10 minutes each morning for yourself. Buy that delicious Christmas blend coffee or the English breakfast tea that you love, and just relax. Turn on all of the Christmas lights, play some classical Christmas tracks in the background, and enjoy the rest of your day. 

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