What To Do When You’re Tired of the Same Old Recipes

Cooking at home can feel so exhausting when you don’t know what to make. If you feel like you’re cooking the same meals night after night, try incorporating some new recipes. Keep reading to discover some ideas for what to do when you’re tired of the same old recipes.

Try a New Protein

For some families, it can be easy to fall into the habit of only cooking with one or two protein sources. For example, many home cooks are most familiar with chicken and beef, so we end up cooking those most often. Next thing you know, you’ve exhausted all your beef and chicken options and can’t come up with any new dishes. If this is the case for you, try incorporating a new protein source into your meals. If your family loves beef and chicken, they will love lamb due to its beef-like taste and softer texture. Plus, it’s quick to cook, and you can pair many herbs and spices with it.

Get a New Easy, Go-To Meal

Cooking at home can become a challenge for any family that’s constantly on the go. You don’t want to resort to eating out and getting take-out all the time, so try finding new meals you can quickly make at home when you’re running low on time. Slow cooker recipes are a lifesaver for busy families—just pop in the ingredients in the morning, and your meal will be ready to eat by dinnertime. Try adding a new appliance that helps you quickly whip up meals, like an air fryer or quesadilla maker.

Try a Copycat Recipe

When your family is craving fast food instead of home-cooked meals, try following a copycat recipe online. Take to Pinterest and other social media sites to find copycat recipes for just about any fast-food menu item you can think of. The best part? You’ll be saving money cooking them at home, and the outcome will likely be healthier for you and your family than the fast-food equivalent.

These ideas for what to do when you’re tired of the same old recipes can help you rekindle your love for cooking at home. Take inspiration from these cooking ideas, and come up with some fun new family recipes at home.

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