Let the Games Begin: Fun Way to Celebrate the Winter Olympic Games

Why celebrate the Winter Olympic Games? Why not?! 

Life is fast, if you don’t slow down to enjoy it it will pass you by. It saddens me to see how many people prefer to just go on with their mundane lives instead of making the time to enjoy quality time with family and friends, to celebrate the little and big things in life. Not one person on their deathbed has ever said, “I wish I had worked more, scrolled aimlessly on my device more, glad I didn’t put myself out there and stayed in my comfort zone”. Thus, today is your day, throw all your insecurities out the window (and I’m learning that there are a significant amount of insecure adults out there, just trying so desperately to be what they think other people what them to be, or say what they think other people want to hear…just be YOU! If those other people don’t appreciate you being you then guess what? Those aren’t your people, keep looking ; )) channel your childlike energy and get in the games!!! 

How We Celebrate the Winter Olympics….

Athletes were each greeted at the door with the Olympic theme song blaring throughout the house and then quickly escorted over to get their pic so they could move freely throughout the games.

Next, up, captains were each assigned and each pulled names to see what athletes would be on their team. Yours truly was a captain and I scored big time on my team and had not only the 4-year-old but also the preggo momma (who proved extremely beneficial for the ring toss games). Each team then decided on a name and decorated their teams’ poster board accordingly with each of the countries they would be representing. 

Let the games begin…

First up bean bag toss!! We WON ; )

Next up, in order to get to China for the games, we needed to fly, thus two athletes from each team were designated to create 2 paper airplanes, and whichever one flew the furthest won! WE WON 😉 (Not competitive at all, lol)

The third game, ring toss! 

Fourth and final, making dinner!! 

Each team was assigned a recipe, our’s was Glass Noodle Stir-Fry and the other team had a salad they had to make, to be fair it was an extremely complicated salad, and since both dishes turned out great we tied for the last game. 

My team ultimately won in the end but I’d say we were all winners, we each took time out of our busy schedules, left any/all insecurities at the door, were genuinely ourselves which made for such an enjoyable day. (I know it’s cliche, but I do like the saying “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”). Life is so much more enjoyable when you have amazing people to spend it with, find your people, once you do, cherish your people, they are the only true treasures this world has to offer. 

Who’s watching the Winter Olymicis? What’s your fave winter sport?

And a HUGE shoutout to my momma, the original Mom on the go in Holy Toledo for taking all the time, effort, and energy to plan such an epic day for us! You are such an amazing blessing in our lives! Love you, Mom

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