How are you doing since the divorce?

“How are you doing since the divorce?”This is a question I receive a lot, which is awesome, it means people genuinely care and I appreciate and am thankful for their interest and concern. That said, I have to be honest, the first thing I say is, “well, technically, we are still married and working through the divorce process”. This is something married individuals who aren’t familiar with the divorce process don’t realize, which again, is awesome. I’m so grateful that most of my friends and family are not familiar with the divorce process. Once we get beyond that I share the fact that I am working at Northwest Ohio Classical Academy. Then express the joy I’ve found and how welcoming and amazing the faculty and staff have been. And they really have…

I’ve been more than blessed with the exceptional and extraordinary individuals God has placed in my life, from each of my children’s schools (they each currently go to a different school…I believe in catering to each individual child’s needs, not necessarily what is the most convenient for me)…and for that, I thank the EPIC community of family and friends that help make this possible. 

As I expressed, our community of students, faculty, and staff at NOCA has been amazing. They welcomed my son and well. I’m extremely appreciative. Though my heart will always be at Elmhurst, my kiddos all started there and I’ve been there for 11 years, active in my children’s classroom, and PTA board for 7,etc.  And the community at Toledo Early College is amazing too! Ms. Cole is the BEST along with the staff and faculty. Thus, I’m blessed beyond means but then there are these “moments” I still need to work through. What moments…well, moments like when ….

Income vs income and what the court deems acceptable…

So apparently a spouse can make 80+K and is only required to pay no more than 33% of their income to the other spouse/children. Meanwhile the spouse with the children 24/7 making say, 34K has to pay all their income to cover everything . None of that makes any sense to me…why would the spouse making more not be required to pay more than 33% of their income but the other parent must pay 100% of their income often while still trying to work (sometimes multiple jobs) and possibly going back to school. I guess my frustration is with the legal system and my ignorance. I’m finding myself wanting to learn more, when time allows. It all just seems a bit backwards.

Thus, “How am I doing since the divorce”…I’m trying hard to focus on the many riches in my life, the people, the amazing people that have come into my life and my children’s lives and to not allow myself to be overcome by some of the frustrations…though, I am human, and I have my moments. Thank you to all of you for your kind comments and words of encouragement, they mean a lot. 

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