Tips for Decorating Your Home’s Exterior for the Holidays

The holidays are coming, meaning it will be time to deck the halls before you know it. These tips for decorating your home’s exterior for the holidays will help get the creative juices flowing. Read on for some inspiration this season.

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Make the Front Door a Focal Point

You can’t go wrong with decorating the front door. Since this is where you and guests enter and leave, it’s a great place to make a first and last impression.

There are many ways to decorate your front door for the holiday season. Make your personality shine through with whatever décor you decide upon. For example, you can choose a unique wreath that speaks to you, whether you go a traditional or unconventional route.

Breathe Life Into Vintage Décor

A great tip for decorating your home’s exterior for the holidays is giving old décor another chance to shine. This idea is especially useful when you’re on a budget.

Plenty of antique and thrift shops have gently used decorations from years past that would be a charming addition to your lineup. A nice trait about these items is they’re unique from what the big box stores have so that you can find something singular.

Switch Up Your Christmas Tree

You can mix things up by putting your Christmas tree outside. This indoor staple has the potential to bring plenty of magic to your yard. In fact, many hardware stores have trees designed to withstand the elements. 

You can go for a potted variety that resembles the indoor tree for a holiday classic that’s sure to impress the neighborhood. Alternatively, you can get a model that has thin branches and is all white, which will look enchanting on snowy days. You also can decorate any natural trees on your property with lights.


Do you have a green thumb? If so, try putting together some seasonal planters.

Put Up Beautiful Winter Lights

Lastly, you can never underestimate the importance of incorporating winter lights. Like we mentioned about putting lights on real or artificial trees outside, you can always put them on bushes, too. Use convenient net options on any shrubs to add some holiday magic.

Your entire house is a canvas, so feel free to stick some lights in areas you’d like to accentuate. Indoor lights can also glow beautifully for people to view from the outside.

You have the chance to make your house into a work of art for all to enjoy this winter. Try bringing attention to your front door and windows with decorations that inspire the holiday spirit. Vintage finds can help your décor stand out from the crowd, as can an outdoor Christmas tree. These ideas will help make your home enchanting during this joyful time.

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