Keeping Clean: Tips for Organizing Your Baby’s Closet

Every parent knows that despite their small size, babies require lots of stuff. Infants have clothes, diapers, toys, and blankets—and those are just some of their items! Keeping everything in an established place makes finding what you need for your little one easier. Read on to get the best tips for organizing your baby’s closet. 

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Organize Accordingly

Begin organizing the closet by pulling everything out and creating several piles. Separate formal clothing from pajamas. Day clothes should also have an area. Once you’ve determined which apparel best suits day wear, formal attire, and sleep clothes, you’ll have to decide where to put it.

You should hang formal wear and some of the nicer day clothes. On the other hand, you can fold pajamas and cozy items to store in the dresser. After this, evaluate the area and decide whether there’s room for spare diapers and blankets. Putting these items in the closet keeps them tucked away and prevents clutter in the nursery.

Limit What You Have

When you start shopping for baby clothes and toys, it’s easy to get caught up in all the cuteness. Everything looks adorable, and if this is your first child, you may want to buy everything you find in the store. Fight this temptation. Babies grow rapidly. And chances are, loved ones will gift you lots of clothes. As a result, your baby’s closet may become filled with countless outfits in a limited space if you’re not careful.

Parenting Tip

Rather than buying many clothes, invest in a few quality items. For instance, cotton infant clothing items will keep your baby comfortable throughout the year and are more durable. If you plan to have more kids, you can keep better quality clothing to use as hand-me-downs.

Add Extra Storage

Rather than solely hanging items in the closet, you should have additional forms of storage, such as a small dresser, or invest in a storage organizer. With a cube storage organizer, you can place items into fabric cubes and tuck them into a cubby. Additional storage systems also make it easier to find things when needed since you won’t have to go through the items tucked in drawers or hanging in the closet to find what you need for your baby.

Create a System

The final tip for organizing your baby’s closet is to create a system. As you decide where you’ll store things, you should also think of a strategy to ensure every household member knows where items belong.

Place clothing on specifically colored hangers according to occasion or designate baskets for items. One container can hold diapers, and another can have blankets. Meanwhile, the drawer can be for pajamas. If you use additional storage systems, you can also put labels on the containers so that you know exactly what’s inside. Keep your baby’s closet organized so that you can always find what your little one needs.

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