How to go Christmas Caroling

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” And it turns out that quote from the movie Elf is 100% accurate!  Many of us have elderly loved ones, parishioners, fam, friends, and/or neighbors that are isolated. That can take its toll on anyone, add in the fact that it’s literally “the most wonderful time of the year” when everyone usually gathers and spreads love and joy together and it’s just darn right depressing. So, in an effort to help bring some Christmas joy to our friends, parishioners, and loved ones who are isolated, we did something totally outside my comfort zone, something I would just normally let the kids do with their friends. This tone-deaf, pitch-compromised, often off-key, and legit singing the wrong verse half the time mom, belted out Christmas songs for all to hear, lol! Never been Caroling before? Need some tips? Here we go….

  1. Dress for the weather- chances are you’ll be standing outside in the elements (snow, rain, and in our case, mud), thus wear the proper shoes and bundle up
  2. Hot cocoas & candy canes add to the fun of the event! But totally optional. 😉 
  3. Determine your route, kiddos can probably last for 4-5 locations depending on their age and if your locations aren’t too far away from one another….or, better yet, add some holiday lights in the mix! So, start off caroling then on your way to the next location drive passed some gorgeous residential Christmas light displays 
  4. Print off songbooks – everyone should be able to share, so you should only need 2-3 books 
  5. And this is the most important one…have fun! Let kiddos pick out the songs, and wear all their fun Christmas “gear”, Santa hats, sweaters, etc. 

Do your loved ones live too far away to actually sing carols outside their front door? Record your caroling and send it, or better yet, facetime or Skype your family caroling. I promise you, no matter how you carol, in-person or via the screen, even if you are pitch-compromised or tone-deaf, this WILL spread fun holiday cheer to loved ones that need it most and you might just be surprised at how much it lifts your spirits too! So what are you waiting for? 

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