Antelope Canyon X

WOW! What an epic day! I’m literally speechless (and extremely thirsty and tired), but definitely blown away by the magnificent natural beauty of the Antelope Canyon X! I’m getting ahead of myself, first, if you haven’t already, check out the itinerary, and second, what’s the Antelope Canyon? 

The Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. It is made up of five different sections, Upper Antelope Canyon (or The Crack), Rattle Snake Canyon, Owl Canyon, Mountain Sheep Canyon, and Lower Antelope Canyon (or The Corkscrew). The Navajo name for Upper Antelope Canyon is Tsé bighánílíní, which means ‘the place where water runs through the (Slot Canyon) rocks’. This is precisely what it did/does, the canyon was formed due to erosion of the sandstone from flash flooding, especially during the monsoon season (right now, June-September). In fact, there was a group of 11 tourists who were killed due to a flash flood in the canyon back in 1997. It should be noted that these slot canyons are only accessible by a Navajo-guided tour. And thankfully the guide with Taadidiin Tours  Antelope Canyon X hicking tour was extremely knowledgeable and kept our tour group of 12 safe as we explored Antelope Canyon X. 

Following our Pilot on the way to the canyon!

We arrived a ½ hour before our tour, lined up behind the pilot van, and then followed the pilot van rounghly 2-3 miles to get to the canyon. The only thing allowed in the canyon is your phone and a bottle of water, no purses, backpacks, strollers, dogs, tripods, etc.  

We survived the journey down!

It’s almost like waves in the ocean…

As you make your way down to the canyons you have the option of taking the stairs or walking on the sand, the sand is so unbelievably soft. I opted for the soft sand, much forgiving on the joints. I can see how that sand becomes quicksand during flashflood…mother nature is definitely not a force to be reckoned with, but admired and respected. 

It’s hard for the mind to process the magnitude of this….

I couldn’t get over how cool it was inside the canyons, it was literally like air conditioning. 

Perfect pic!
What a year…It’s amazing how a moment in a slot canyon can give you so much clarity and hope….
The backdrop is legit perfect for pics!!!
Just a tween chillaxing on vacation
It’s amazing how soft the sand and stone are….
I’m still blown away by the fact that my oldest will be a Junior this year!!!
I finally looked up…more photo opportunities…how gorgeous is this???
My little ballerina
Literally NO bad view!!
I don’t want to leave!

There wasn’t one bad view. I hated to leave, but we still needed to see Horseshoe Bend…

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