Toledo Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt 

Have teenagers? Looking for something fun, free, and rich in cultural history to do as a family and/or with friends? Last week I surprised the kiddos with just that, and a little fun competition as well! Where? Well, it turns out that the Toledo Museum of Art is more than just the place you go to for Homecoming and Prom pictures, lol! 

We arrived at the main entrance to the museum, used the restroom, and then I briefly went over the rules and etiquette when touring a museum (and emphasized the fact that the furniture on display is art), before handing out the scavenger hunts. Each child invited a friend so we had 3 groups of two.  I passed out the scavenger hunts (see below) to each group. And I figured why not make it a bit more interesting and add friendly competition to the hunt. The first group to complete their scavenger hunt would be the ones deciding on the topping for the sundaes that would follow our museum experience.  And then they were set free in the museum to hunt down their prey, I mean paintings and sculptures. And what’s a mom to do when her teenagers are otherwise occupied and she has an entire museum to explore? I’ll tell you what I did, I popped in my earbuds, listened to the Titanic soundtrack, perused the galleries, and then ended in my favorite space, REFLECT!

It’s hidden within the Gallery that has all the Egyptian works on display. When you walk in turn to the right and you’ll see it. As you enter it’s so peaceful, open, and clean, I could live here! I absolutely adore the simplicity, minimalism, lines, the contrast in negative and positive space..the designer in me feels at home.

Also, I want this chair. You can just sit and “be ” with your playlist or enjoy the quiet, there are also complementary books available for you to peruse at your leisure if you wish. (A second option or idea, is if you meet up with another mom or perhaps your partner/spouse is joining you, you could sneak away for a drink in the cafe and enjoy appetizers or even a full-on meal, shhh, the kids don’t need to know).

My peace was interrupted by a text from one of the kiddos. They came to the realization that one of the sculptures on the scavenger hunt was located in the Glass Pavilion and it was raining and they didn’t want to get wet. So I left my little oasis and met them at the Monroe Street entrance and shared a fun fact about our amazing museum, they offer a complimentary umbrella that can be used during the duration of one’s visit. That way when it is raining or snowing one can still view the sculptures on the grounds and walk across the street to the Glass Pavilion without getting soaked. 

We all headed over to the Glass Pavilion, like I was going to miss out on the opportunity to be in one of my favorite places in the Glass City?! A second after we arrived we had a winner!

The youngest of the group won. They all seemed to have enjoyed the experience, much to even their own surprise, in fact, they asked if we could come back and do another scavenger hunt! And I don’t think that was just Reese’s peanut butter cups talking, lol! 

What are you waiting for? Looking for something free (admission is FREE), fun, and culturally immersive to take your kiddos to? Click here for hours and the calendar of events going on (they also have a free family center for younger kiddos & free glass-blowing demonstrations, you could make a day of it at TMA).

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