10 Simple Classroom Approved Halloween Treats for Busy Moms

10 Simple Classroom Approved Halloween Treats for Busy Moms

Ribbet collageHalloween

Decorate for Halloween, visit orchards, take the kids trunk-or-treating, get pumpkins, carve pumpkins, get candy, oh, and don’t forget those Halloween classroom snacks you signed up to bring the first of the year! Here we go, mommas! This is Marathon season for us moms, Halloween is our starting point and we don’t get to the Finish line until December 26th.  We are going to jam pack so much festive joy into our children’s lives, while still maintaining the everyday chaos, but first, those classroom Halloween treats.  Ever notice that Pinterest idea of an easy snack & your definition are two different things?! Here are 10 Halloween Treat ideas that check everyone’s boxes… the teachers, moms, & kids!

The following are Halloween Treats that have…

  • no nuts
  • no copious amounts of frosting
  • are individual treats
  • Less than 5 ingredients
  • Semi-homemade
  • Takes less than an hour to prepare
  • Doesn’t cost a fortune
  • And cool, by kids standards (most, verdict is still out on the tangerine pumpkins & ghost bananas)





Cheese & Pretzel Broomsticks (these need to be kept cool!)




Vampire Donuts



Little Monsters with Swiss Rolls & Fancy Cakes



OREO Eyeball Cookies



Witch Finger Pretzels (Instead of Almonds for the fingernails use raisins or candy)




OREO Bat Treats



Tangerine Pumpkins & Banana Ghost




Halloween Zombie Chex Mix (Exclude all nut products)



Rice Krispy Treat Ghosts





Donut Hole Eye Balls

These were our treats from last year and they were super easy, not too messy, and kids loved them!

What you need:

1 box powdered donuts from store

3 Tubes of red gel from the baked goods aisle of grocery store

Package of eyes from craft store

A few packages of faux silverware, forks, from the dollar store (I want to say 4 come in a package)


1-Place donut holes on the forks

2-Add gel to donut holes & put a dab of gel where the eye will go (use as a glue for eye)