Conversations with the Kids

So yesterday after a funfilled day outside we sat down to dinner, late as usual. Haha! We prayed, started eating and conversing. I asked our son about a birthday party he attended earlier. We all talked about the end of the school year. And then it happened. The conversation went somewhere no parent wants it to go. And the crazy thing is it came out of know where! It hit me like a brick wall. Like my head literally got thrown against a wall…I couldn’t think clearly. My mouth dropped open. Eyes bulged! And I was uttered speechless for seconds after our adorable kindergartener asked, “When do women become women and men become men?”

Me, “Umm…”

Husband, “Well….”

Me, “Ummm…”

Son, “Seriously, when do men become men and women became women? TELL ME!”

Me, “See…umm…”

Husband (staring at son)

At this point my once cozy comfortable quaint kitchen table became the most uncomfortable place in the world. All I kept thinking was PASS. Pass, can I pass…next question please…ask me about anything…geometry, trigonometry, chemical compounds, etc. just not this…can I get a new topic, PLEASE? Darn their inquisitive little minds. Haha! And then I had an idea!

Me, “Well, men become men when they graduate from school, get a job, and a place of their own. And women become women when they graduate, get a job (and I wanted to say respect themselves enough not to settle for less than a man…but that might have been way too complicated for his little kindergartener brain) and get a place of their own. Haha!

So there you have it folks, the talk about human sexuality and how a girl becomes a woman and boy becomes a man. Lol! So we might have epically failed but can you blame us? The kid blindsided us. Why can’t they give us fair warning when it comes to conversations like this? We parents need time to determine the best angle to broach such a topic. But that’s the thing about parenthood, no warnings, no cliff notes (how awesome would that be…seconds after they are born the doctor hands you the cliff notes for the next 18 years…let’s be honest I’d probably lose them)just shoot from the hip and pray it all makes sense.

God bless parent everywhere, this job isn’t easy and sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break and remember tomorrow is a new day…and the library is a great resource for age appropriate books that discuss various topics, like how a man becomes a man and a woman becomes a woman. Haha!

Conversations with the Kids

Parenthood is demanding, exhausting, amazing, fulfilling, messy, and if you’re lucky from time-to-time you will be graced with some humor. So without further ado, here are a few conversations that I have had over the past week with the kiddos that had me laughing out loud (I am pretty sure that is the first time I actually typed that entire phrase). Lol!

Conversation with our 2nd grader in the kitchen having an after school snack with her sister…..

2nd grader: Mom, do you want to hear something funny?

Me: Always!

2nd grader: It might be a little inappropriate.  I just need to warn you of that first. I don’t want you to get in trouble.

Me: Thank you for warning me. That was very considerate of you. I will try not to get myself in trouble with myself!?

2nd grader: Yep, I am a considerate person. Okay. Mom, say ‘I’ and then spell cup.

Me: I C U P

3 years old: That’s okay. I see you pee all the time mommy.

Meanwhile our 2nd grader is laughing hysterically and the 3 year old has no idea why that was remotely funny…she sees everyone pee. Haha!



The kiddos and I went to Target to get a gift for a Wedding Shower. We went to print off the registry then planned on making a mad dash to the restrooms…that Starbucks Venti Green Tea might have been a bad idea!

Kindergartener: Mom can I do the computer?

3 year old: I can do it! She exclaimed while hitting random keys

2nd grader: Mom I know how to do this.

Me: It is Max’s turn.

Kindergartener: what do I do?

Me: Start by hitting any key.

Kindergartener/Max looks frantically up and down the keyboard.

Me: Just hit any key! (Now crossing my legs)

Kindergartener: I can’t find it.

2nd grader: Just hit any of them.

Kindergartener: I can’t find any!

2nd grader: Just hit any of the keys. There is no any key.

Kindergartener/Max: If there is no any key why do they want me to hit it? He declared with much frustration.

Me: Lol! I have to pee. Let’s pee then we will find that darn any key.


funny quotes children your ecards

She did NOT just say that!!!……….

While dining at a local establishment I took our youngest to the restroom 3 times (is it sad that that seems normal? haha!). By our 3rd visit I had to go too. So I went. And while I was going she yelled, loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear, “Mom you have a BIG butt!” Lol! I could hear the woman in the next stall trying to contain her laughter. Haha!


b50648d8160e1bef35aaaeccf9158184What has your little one said that had you lol?