3 Things We Need to Normalize in 2023 

New year resolutions? A single word to look to for the entire year? How do you celebrate the new year? Often individuals see the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start, a way to welcome the prospect of personal growth and development. With this philosophy in mind let’s see if we can make a diligent effort to normalize a few behaviors and habits in 2023. 

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New Year’s Resolutions: Organize those piles of papers


Ever walk into your home and instantly begin to have heart palpitations due to the overwhelming amount of crap and random unidentifiable odors? Life with kids is amazing, but it can also be overwhelming…being responsible for the kids, work, and the household is exhausting. Ever notice that the majority is often random piles of paper, what is up with that? Unfortunately you can’t even light a scented candle to get rid of the stench due to the fear of an instant inferno. So, what to do?

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Dinner at 4pm: Are you raising 80 year old children?

Dinner at 4pm, are you mad? Seriously, the only people who eat dinner at 4pm are those living in retirement homes. At least that was what I thought in the past, (in fact, one of my Sheroes does this and I thought she was crazy) but I recently had a change of heart.  It all occurred one afternoon when my youngest asked for her 3rd afterschool snack in an hour. This got me thinking, why do we eat when we eat? Who established those times? And why do we follow an agenda that doesn’t suit our lifestyle? The answers to these questions brought about one of the biggest game changers in our meal schedule since eliminating that midnight feeding when the children were babies. The 4pm dinner!

So, after giving my daughter her 3rd afterschool snack in an hour’s time, two things occurred to me; one, she had just eaten the equivalent of her dinner, and two, in two hours when it was dinner time she would more than likely eat nothing because she will be full from all her snacking.  Having one child not eat their dinner is annoying, but all three, that’s just darn right frustrating. I starting have a sense of defeat. Why bother prepping and making all these healthy meals if the kids aren’t even going to eat them! I had grown sick and tired of wasting good food and money, something needed to change! And change it did. I managed to remove my heart and emotion for the situation and got down to the logistics. Why are the kids so famished after school? They have breakfast around 7:30am, lunch almost exactly 4 hours later, around 11:30am, and 4 hours after lunch is when they get home from school. But instead of being fed a meal at that time I give them apple slices that are supposed to tie them over until 6:30pm, that’s 7 hours between lunch and dinner, and to be honest sometimes dinner was even later than that depending on extracurricular activities. Why?….

Why do we eat when we eat, why eat dinner at 6:30pm/7pm? When I was a child we always ate dinner when dad came home and my parents did the same when they were children, so on and so forth. But that was also back in the pre-computer, web-conferencing, facetime, texting/cell phone era when parents were officially clocked out at 5pm or 6pm. A lot has changed since then and yet we are still maintaining that same time schedule.

Who established dinner time? I suppose I did, I set the meal time schedule. I like the idea of us all sitting down as a family, saying the prayer, breaking bread together, and sharing the happenings of each other’s day.

Why do we follow an agenda that doesn’t suit our lifestyle? One word, tradition, tradition says that the family sits and eats dinner together when the dad gets home from work. But here’s the thing, after the children have each had 3 afterschool snacks and 6:30pm rolls around, not only does no one eat but often times we have to go somewhere- religious education classes, Boy Scouts, basketball practice/game, or some other school/church activity. And what’s more, since my husband changed jobs two years ago he travels a lot which means often times he isn’t in town or at least not home in time for dinner. And yet there I was still sticking to a tradition.

Solution: Serve dinner when everyone is hungry, when they will eat the healthy meal that I have prepared. Serve dinner when there is time, time to sit before running off to another activity. But what about the family table, praying, breaking bread, sharing? We can do that earlier, or, even better, 4 hours after dinner and after those extracurricular activities the children’s bellies usually have room for a small snack before bed. Thus, the family table is quite suitable for an evening snack & chat before getting ready for bed- and if dad is in town he can join us. (This might mean giving up your screen time in the evening, do it!! This was another HUGE game changer to our evening routine that we adopted a couple years ago).

So it turns out all those folks in the retirement homes were onto something. The 4pm dinner and 8pm snack has been quite accommodating to our busy lifestyle and best of all the healthy, good food, and money spent on said food don’t go to waste. In fact we are having quite the opposite problem; there are no leftovers for the next day. What a magnificent problem. Then they are often off to an activity and return home for a delicious snack before bedtime.

Here are some examples of the snacks we enjoy:

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie (Kiddos’ Snack-Paleo(ish) Greek Yogurt is debatable)



1 Banana- sliced

2 Cups Frozen Strawberries

1 Cup Greek Yogurt

1 Cup Coconut Milk

2 Tablespoons Honey

Instructions: Blend everything together and serve. If you wish you could also place in a frozen safe dish and freeze overnight and have yummy frozen yogurt the next day.

Avocado Love (Sugar Free)


1 Avocado, ¼ cup cucumber slices, & 4 cherry tomatoes sliced -drizzled with garlic olive oil (Bumble Olive Oil Company) and then topped with a bit of pepper. (Mom’s snack-sugar free)

Buffalo-ish Cauliflower (For everyone! Sugar Free!!Buffalo sauce is on the side since it is too spicy for some of the kiddos)



One Head Cauliflower cut into bite sizes

1 Cup water

1 Cup Almond Flour

Salt & Pepper to taste

½ cup Red Hot

1 Tablespoon Kerrygold Butter


Combine water and almond flour into a batter. Coat each cauliflower in batter and then place on a greased baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes at 450 degrees then flip each and bake for an additional 10 minutes until each is slightly brown and crispy looking.

While baking place Red Hot and butter in pan on top of stove, heat till butter is melted.

If you are not sharing this amazing dish with kids then brush buffalo sauce over cauliflower bites and place back in the oven for 8 minutes until the buffalo sauce is absorbed and cauliflower is crispy.

Salad Love (Sugar Free)


Eggs, avocados, cucumber slices, and red & orange pepper slices in garlic olive oil-a.k.a. a salad (Mostly moms snack but once mom starts eating it everyone wants some, go figure! Lol! This is a sugar free snack)

Blueberry & Strawberry Smoothie (Kids’ snack-Paleo)



2 Cups Frozen Strawberries

1 Cup frozen Blueberries

½ cup hot water (otherwise everything freezes together in the blender)

1 Tablespoons Honey (Optional)


Blend 😉

Carrot Candy (Kids’ Snack-Paleo)



8 Carrot’s sliced into small bite sizes

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

Salt to taste


Place sliced carrots in bowl, pour olive oil in bowl and toss until all slices are coated. Place slices on baking sheet, sprinkle with salt. Roast at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Let cool then devour-kiddos say they taste like candy.

Have you ever considered altering your meal schedule?

New Year’s Eve with Kids

New Year’s Eve with kids means….

We stay home and have our own New Year’s Eve bash! The amount of money and energy required to go out just doesn’t appeal to the hubs and I at this time so we kick it with the kiddos. And after kicking it with the kids the last 8 years I have to admit, I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year than with my loves. And we have fun! We dance, play, make resolutions, eat yummy food that is totally bad for you (diet starts Monday, lol!), and have a blast!

newyear14 021

The attire…

The attire for our party is simple, whatever you wish!  In the past we have been graced with a Power Ranger, Superman, Bumble Bee, etc. This year we had a fashion stylist, a princess, and a soldier…priceless!


I know most bashes start at 8pm but ours is over by 8pm. Haha! Our party starts at 6pm with dancing to Dean Martin’s greatest hits. Then the evening progresses with a game or two. This year we played Brain Quest Smart Game. The boys vs. the girls…for the most part we tied (hun look the other way…girls totally won!). We had to alter the questions slightly for our 3 year old and 6 year old but for the most part it’s a great family game!

newyear14 026


Then we wrote our New Year resolutions on balloons to be popped at midnight (8pm).  I always enjoy hearing the kiddo’s resolutions. This year our son wants to learn how to be a professional skateboarder. What?! Talk about random. I didn’t even know he had an interest in skateboarding. Haha! Our 3 year old wants to learn how to swim underwater…totally feasible. When I asked our 8 year old daughter what her resolutions were she stated, have fun and be a biker. Um, what now?! A biker!?! She explained that she wants to be able to ride her bike for a long time. Phew, makes more sense than the punked out, leather wearing, and begging for a tattoo biker that I was envisioning in my mind. (Not that there is anything wrong with that but I just don’t wish that for my 8 year old) Ha-ha.

newyear14 024

Big Bang….

Then we put on our coats, grab pots & pans, and grab our confetti poppers and head outside to welcome (the early) New Year! Woo-hoo! The kids love it….when else during the year do they have permission to grab my cooking utensils and go crazy outside?! Haha!

newyear14 051

newyear14 062

Then it is time to head inside, pop balloons, and give New Year kisses!! And off to bed.

Mom and Dad pass out….

The hubs and I were passed out by 10pm, not from consuming a copious amount of alcohol but rather the copious amount of… crafts, clutter, curiosity prone questions, and plain old cuteness that we can’t resist….(why yes, I would love to attend my 3rd tea party today, lol!).  Giving of our time and temperament abundantly together left the two of us dead tired.



newyearRibbet collage

Quotes of the year…

As we pulled into the funeral home for Great Grandpa’s wake our son exclaimed with reassurance, “Great Grandpa’s body is here BUT he isn’t here, he is in heaven”. And our 3 year old chimed in, “Oh, you mean he’s at McDonalds? He must have gotten the Happy Meal, that’s heaven!!” Lol!

Thank you for a great year! I know I don’t always say it and sometimes I get preoccupied but you mean a lot to me, thanks for following and sharing your thoughts and ideas.  Cheers to another great year!!

So how was your New Year’s Eve? Do you have any traditions? Do you go out or stay in? Do you manage to stay awake to watch the ball drop?