New Year’s Eve with Kids

New Year’s Eve with kids means….

We stay home and have our own New Year’s Eve bash! The amount of money and energy required to go out just doesn’t appeal to the hubs and I at this time so we kick it with the kiddos. And after kicking it with the kids the last 8 years I have to admit, I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year than with my loves. And we have fun! We dance, play, make resolutions, eat yummy food that is totally bad for you (diet starts Monday, lol!), and have a blast!

newyear14 021

The attire…

The attire for our party is simple, whatever you wish!  In the past we have been graced with a Power Ranger, Superman, Bumble Bee, etc. This year we had a fashion stylist, a princess, and a soldier…priceless!


I know most bashes start at 8pm but ours is over by 8pm. Haha! Our party starts at 6pm with dancing to Dean Martin’s greatest hits. Then the evening progresses with a game or two. This year we played Brain Quest Smart Game. The boys vs. the girls…for the most part we tied (hun look the other way…girls totally won!). We had to alter the questions slightly for our 3 year old and 6 year old but for the most part it’s a great family game!

newyear14 026


Then we wrote our New Year resolutions on balloons to be popped at midnight (8pm).  I always enjoy hearing the kiddo’s resolutions. This year our son wants to learn how to be a professional skateboarder. What?! Talk about random. I didn’t even know he had an interest in skateboarding. Haha! Our 3 year old wants to learn how to swim underwater…totally feasible. When I asked our 8 year old daughter what her resolutions were she stated, have fun and be a biker. Um, what now?! A biker!?! She explained that she wants to be able to ride her bike for a long time. Phew, makes more sense than the punked out, leather wearing, and begging for a tattoo biker that I was envisioning in my mind. (Not that there is anything wrong with that but I just don’t wish that for my 8 year old) Ha-ha.

newyear14 024

Big Bang….

Then we put on our coats, grab pots & pans, and grab our confetti poppers and head outside to welcome (the early) New Year! Woo-hoo! The kids love it….when else during the year do they have permission to grab my cooking utensils and go crazy outside?! Haha!

newyear14 051

newyear14 062

Then it is time to head inside, pop balloons, and give New Year kisses!! And off to bed.

Mom and Dad pass out….

The hubs and I were passed out by 10pm, not from consuming a copious amount of alcohol but rather the copious amount of… crafts, clutter, curiosity prone questions, and plain old cuteness that we can’t resist….(why yes, I would love to attend my 3rd tea party today, lol!).  Giving of our time and temperament abundantly together left the two of us dead tired.



newyearRibbet collage

Quotes of the year…

As we pulled into the funeral home for Great Grandpa’s wake our son exclaimed with reassurance, “Great Grandpa’s body is here BUT he isn’t here, he is in heaven”. And our 3 year old chimed in, “Oh, you mean he’s at McDonalds? He must have gotten the Happy Meal, that’s heaven!!” Lol!

Thank you for a great year! I know I don’t always say it and sometimes I get preoccupied but you mean a lot to me, thanks for following and sharing your thoughts and ideas.  Cheers to another great year!!

So how was your New Year’s Eve? Do you have any traditions? Do you go out or stay in? Do you manage to stay awake to watch the ball drop?