Why Costco? (Giveaway $190 value!)

Fact, my 4 year old jumps up & down at least 8x a day!  She will pretty much start jumping for any reason, like seeing a bird, not wanting to go to bed, because it is Monday, etc.  

Fact, I am an adult. Fact, I do not jump up & down 8x a day. Fact, I do jump up & down like my 4 year old daughter twice a month. There is only one thing in this world that makes this 35 year old woman jump up & down like a preschooler flaring limbs about, and that is, a trip to COSTCO!!!

I am getting excited just thinking about our next trip!! Why? Why would a grown woman be so excited to go to Costco? (In no particular order)

1.  Samples- Um, hello! Who doesn’t love samples? I adore the fact that you can try it before you buy it especially when you have a picky eater at home. Thankfully my pickiest eater accompanies me so she can sample too! Another added bonus of the samples is it gives my 4 year old something to look forward to in-between isles & the food occupies her mouth for lapses of time so I can actually enjoy a moment of silent (so wrong, but, so true! Haha!)

2.  Cost- Total disclosure, Costco is where I get half my wardrobe. I know it sounds silly but they have comfortable, modern, classy, even fashionable outfits & they cost WAY less than the department stores!  They also have clothing for men too…great picks for Dads (wink, wink, Father’s Day is coming up!) and then there is the kids’ clothes, books, toys, etc. I buy all birthday & baby shower gifts there (jigs up on that one! haha!).  And I also fill up the gas tank before I leave since it is always cheaper than the other stations (Costco is literally my one stop and shop for everything place!)

3.  Quantity- I think this one is a no brainer!! Haha!

4.  Quality- Sometimes people have this idea that if you buy more it somehow makes the quality less and that could not be further from the truth when it comes to Costco.  The quality of their food is amazing. I am a huge fan of their produce. My favorites are the Organic Spinach (I often buy two…I am a spinach freak!), strawberries, melons, peppers, and I could go on and on. What I like most about Costco is if you do get home and realize you purchased say, a bad melon, they will happily exchange it. The customer service is amazing!

5.  Selection/Variety- We recently made a HUGE change in our house, we stopped eating cereal and have cut way back on all breads/grains.  I was afraid that maybe I wouldn’t be able to shop Costco anymore and Costco is this Kat’s meow (too much?). Thankfully what I found, once I stopped honing in on all the stuff we couldn’t get anymore, is that Costco offers a nice variety of foods for all diets and lifestyles.  Checkout all the goodies I purchased at my last visit!

mycostco 002

6.  The people- Last but certainly not least, the people who work at Costco are the nicest!! They are always so sweet with my daughter…her second favorite part of Costco is the smiley face she receives on the back of our recipe. The cashiers are always so kind and friendly. In fact I have even befriended a few…maybe I spend too much time there? But they don’t talk back to me, they listen, it is like a mini vacation for moms. Lol!

There you have it folks, Costco is a mom’s mini-vacation destination! Haha! It will have you jumping up and down like a 4 year old in anticipation for your next trip! No joke!

And Guess What!!! I have some exciting news to share!! Costco will be giving birth to a new store in Perrysburg, OH June 11th 2015!! As far as I know it is a drug free birth…hopefully it won’t be a water birth but if it is just bring your umbrella! 😉

Join today & receive Costco cash card!!

While they are managing their labor pains they are giving you a shower!! When you give birth to a store that’s how it works, they give you the shower, lol!  They are showering one lucky follower with ALL these goodies valued at $190!!!


So, whats in the bag? These amazing Kirkland Signature items:

  • Organic Maple Syrup
  • Variety Snack Nuts
  • Surface Wipes
  • Dried Blueberries
  • Almond Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Albacore Tuna (8pk)
  • Jelly Belly
  • Macadamia Nut Clusters
  • Paper Towels
  • Steak Strips
  • Unsalted Fancy Mixed Nuts
  • Organic Salsa
  • Peanut Butter Pretzels
  • Body Lotion
  • Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Apple Sauce (24pk)
  • Microwave Popcorn (44pk)


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Giveaway is limited to individuals who live in Toledo and surrounding area (within 30 miles)

Winner will be randomly selected June 10th @11:59pm

Disclosure: I was given 3 sweet Kirkland products for my family and the BIG bag of goodies to giveaway! No additional compensations was received and all opinions expressed are my own.