Reasons #10, #9, & # 8

There are 101 reasons why 3 year olds rule and here are #10, #9, #8…….

We attended a Bowling Birthday Party this past weekend and I managed to capture the interaction, the joy, and pure beauty between our 3 year old and her friend. The images eloquently capture the essence of 3 in  all its glory.


#10 Teamwork/Loves learning to work together….

The bowling ball was really heavy so they came up with the perfect solution, teamwork! Watching the two of them slowing carry the bowling ball to the wrong lane, then the correct lane, and discussing how to actually get the ball down the lane was priceless.

artshow_bowling 039

#9 Friendly…

After they got the ball down the alley they grabbed each other’s hands, it was so natural. It had me thinking about how many times in life I would like to be able to just grab someone’s hand and say, without any words, “I am hear for you, we will get through this together”.

 artshow_bowling 043

I love the fact that children have such innocence, everyone is their friend. Why just the other day we were at Costco checking out and there was a little girl in the lane next to us. The girls instantly gravitated towards one another and started talking about their boots and favorite colors. You would have thought they were long lost friends but they had just met.  How beautiful the 3 year old mind is, it hasn’t been tainted by what society deems acceptable. It instantly sees the similarities we each have rather than the differences.  


# 8 Expressive….

After the ball rolled halfway down the alley she started celebrating! Mind you the ball hadn’t even reached the vicinity of the pins yet, but in her mind their endeavor was successful for they were able to get the ball to go down the correct lane together. And that called for celebration. When she celebrates she expresses her pure joy with her entire body.

artshow_bowling 044

artshow_bowling 041

How magnificent that at 3 years old we can see the small victories of everyday tasks and take pleasure in it. The question begs, when do we become so hard on ourselves? When do we lose finding the joy in the small victories?