Imagination Station is a Spring Break Destination: Opening Day of Smash Your Food!!

Since our son is on Spring break from preschool this week we asked him to list a few fun spots to visit and on the top of that list was Imagination Station.  I have to admit I was pretty excited he chose Imagination Station. Not only do I enjoy reading and participating in the various science exhibits but our preschooler and very active toddler enjoy Imagination Station’s littleKIDSPACE, making it the perfect destination for the entire family.

Little KIDSPACE is a learning world designed for children kindergarten age and younger. The littlest adventurers can hop aboard a fire truck, shop in the grocery store or climb their favorite tree house while learning about forces, motion, math and life science. Little KIDSPACE Studio features a daily interactive story and activity.

Every day in Little KIDSPACE Science Studio, a special hands-on activity area within Little KIDSPACE, one of their qualified team members sits down with the kids and reads them a story, then facilitates a complimentary activity with kids.

Once our little adventure seeker is tired out we like to venture away from Little KIDSPACE and enjoy the other exhibits Imagination Station has to offer like ENGINEER IT!

Think It. Build It. Test It … Do It Again!

ENGINEER IT! is a highly interactive learning world that presents science as an open-ended discovery process. Visitors of all ages can design and build boats, windmills, airplanes, buildings and bridges using the Think it, Build It, Test It and Do It Again engineering philosophy.

Presented by: SSOE

Another favorite is MIND ZONE.

Mind Zone helps you discover how the mind processes, interprets and creates illusions and perceptions. Home to the Distorted Gravity Room, built using thoughtful construction and optical illusions to create a visual distortion that you’ll never forget. Mnid Znoe payls tikrcs wtih yuor mnid. You wno’t bveleie waht you see. (Yes misspelling is deliberate but I bet you could still read it).

Our Preschoolers favorite spot in MINDZONE is the Distorted Gravity Room, he goes through at least three times each time we visit.


But what we are really looking forward to and what unveils this week is the Eat it Up! permanent exhibit.

This newest experience at Imagination Station, Eat It Up! Is presented by ProMedica.

Get your heart pumping as you take on the Wheel of Fire and the Heart Rate Rally, Smash Your Food to smithereens, and literally Get in the Action. Eat It Up!, a highly interactive exhibition focused on nutrition and exercise tells the story of how the choices you make today affect your body. Eat Smart. Play Hard. Have Fun. The choice is yours!

Eat It Up!, a permanent 2,000+ square foot exhibition area, containing 7 major exhibits, a demonstration area and larger than life graphics will include: The Wheel of Fire, Lifestyle Camera, Food Feud, Social Table, Get in the Action, Heart Rate Rally… Ready. Set. Go!, The Kitchen, and Smash Your Food.

I personally can’t wait to checkout Smash Your Food which was recently launched as an iPad app.

Have you ever wanted to take a burger, an ice cream sundae or French fries and smash it to into an unrecognizable mess? Winner in First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Apps for Healthy Kids’ Competition, this fun and exciting mobile game encourages families to smash real foods—burgers, cola, French Fries and entire meals and to learn about nutrition, inspiring healthier food choices while providing parents with personalized emails filled with nutrition advice.


The exhibit will feature a life-sized Smash Your Food machine, which smashes common foods to illustrate how much fat, sugar, and salt, is in each, subtly encouraging kids and parents to make healthier choices. In addition, Smash Your Food will be bringing in “Master Smash”, a 10-foot tall, real-life robot that smashes the food in the game, to smash real food in-person on opening day.


So, whether you have never been to Imagination Station or you are a regular visitor, when planning your spring break make certain you include this station as one of your destinations!