Makeovers & Mimosas: Because You ARE Beautiful!!

Feeling a bit down, like you just don’t stack up against the rest? You don’t have to look far to have those feeling confirmed. Just log onto Facebook, Instagram, or practically any social media outlet and you will be bombarded with before and after images. The before images often show a woman with excess fat, unfit, face breaking out, short hair, or whatever feature a certain product focuses on correcting and inevitably the after image is this fit, toned, clean complexion, long haired woman, etc. or the solution the product provided. Scroll down that feed a bit farther and you will see more images, images of how amazing your life could be once you have that “after image”. I should clarify at this point that I have mad respect and support for all the independent home sales product representatives, consultants, & presenters out there; y’all are doing a phenomenal job. My issue lies in the fact that there are so many women who perpetually see themselves stuck as the “before image”, who refuse to really start living their lives until they reach that “after image” of themselves,  perhaps even an ‘after image’ that isn’t even realistically attainable. Pair that with the fact that a recent study found that the average woman puts herself down at least eight times each day, EIGHT, (criticisms around appearance and weight are the most prevalent) and it really is a wonder some of us even bother getting out of bed in the morning!  The study went on to state that two-fifths of survey respondents said they never complimented themselves on a typical day. (Source) That is why I wanted to host a Makeovers & Mimosas event, an event to celebrate the way we are NOW, today, to recognize & enhance our natural beauty, to find clothing that fits our bodies today, to embrace our size & shape, to feel good about ourselves today, not struggle for months to achieve that after image and then live, tomorrow isn’t promised, it is vital we don’t waste today …oh, and most importantly, to have a great time!!  




We started our Makeovers & Mimosas event with a toast….a toast to healthy body image, positive self-talk, complimenting ourselves, putting an end to the critical thinking & negative talk…each woman raised a glass and stated the following, “I am beautiful!”!!!



And then the fun began!!! Half of the ladies stayed upstairs and took turns applying makeup, getting their hair styled, and enjoying a massage….



The amazing stylist at French Twist Salon & Spa….


What’s a day of pampering without a massage?…..



Meanwhile the other half of our beauties headed downstairs to shop the hip, trendy, classic, and sophisticated assembles found at Style 5:16…..check out these gorgeous ladies, owning their beauty, living for today, and having a blast!!
















There might have even been a little bonding going on….not just with the other ladies but with the clothing, purses, various brands…sometimes they just call out to us & it is hard to let go.




I was sad to see the day end, it was such a positive, uplifting, and fun experience.




Shout out and huge thank you to Style 5:16 Consignment Boutique, Joy from Rey of Sunshine Massage, Kelly Ball the Younique Consultant, The French Twist Salon & Spa , & all you beautiful ladies who made Makeovers & Mimosas a huge success!! It was such a delight meeting some of you for the first time, getting to know others better, and basking in the positive energy each of you radiates. It was a pleasure, thank you ladies for spending the late morning/early afternoon with us… and remember, you are each so beautiful, let that light shine for all to see!! Cheers!

Make certain you stay tuned…February’s Ladies Night Out will be announced in the coming week!! And it is one you won’t want to miss!