Buy the Damn Magazine

As the plane is going down one passenger turns to the other and declares, “ I should have had that pizza”. I’m sure we’ve all heard that story or something similar. The main purpose being, to bring to mind that contemplative thought, do we make a decision based on the moment or plan for the future. After all, no one is promised tomorrow, and yet, we all know those rare individuals that despite unhealthy lifestyles manage to live well into their 80s or 90s. I found myself deep in that contemplative state the other day at our local Kroger, aisle 16 to be exact, the magazine aisle…do I buy the magazine?  While for some this might seem like a simple decision, but if you’re anything like me it’s much more complicated. Why? Because I don’t see that magazine for what it is, the prospect of a future break to relax and read, no, I see it as a monetary value, what else could I purchase for the same price for someone else? Am I being selfish by thinking of myself, by wasting that money on me? What could my children or husband use or need that is the equivalent price of that magazine? How does one even begin to try and rationalize such a dilemma? In order to make the best well-informed decision we must reflect on the culmination of life experiences, other’s and our own, what we have witnessed over time, what we have learned from other’s mistakes, lifestyles, etc. 

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