Valentine Photograph Cards

Since the kiddos had another snow day today I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get a jump start on their Valentine cards.  So they put on their church clothes, grabbed some neat accessories, we put on some fun music, and snapped away! The children had a blast…and I did too!

After reviewing their pics they chose their favorites and we added fun captions. Now all that’s left to do is print them off and attach candy. The candies we are using are, Hersey Kisses, Hersey Hugs, Snickers, Twix, and Blow Pops. See if you can guess which candy goes with each Valentine.

vdaypics 011

vdaypics 034

vdaypics 050

vdaypics 028

vdaypics 004

vdaypics 066

vdaypics 020

vdaypics 061

And here are two more just for the fun of it…….

vdaydeuce 016

sablevdaymepets_sablesunday 043

What are your little ones giving for Valentines day?